March 10, 2015

Housekeeping Tip, Cleaning Stainless Steel

Today I want to share an inexpensive product that helps me around the house, Bar Keepers Friend (powder.)

I love the magic of Bar Keepers Friend. It is a very old product but I love to use it around my house. I especially like to use it for many of my stainless steel items.

I use it on my stainless steel knives, water drips on my stainless steel refrigerator, and my deep stainless steel sink. It removes stains like magic!

(I have no affiliation with this Bar Keepers Friend. I am just telling you how much I like, and use, this product.)

Sometimes we look to the latest new product product on the shelves to clean something around the house. 

I have tried wipes, windex, etc. on my refrigerator for those drips from the water and ice dispenser...that leave discolored drip lines down the door. 

I make a paste of Bar Keepers Friend powder and water  on a soft cloth...then gently wipe the drip stains. Next, I take a soft clean damp cloth to wipe off the product. Then I wipe with a dry cloth. Like magic, the drip stains are gone. 

Note...each stainless steel manufacturer seems to have different finishes. Please test a small obscure spot before slathering the BKF paste all over your refrigerator or dishwasher or range. My refrigerator is a Frigidaire and my dishwasher is Kitchen Aid. But still those finishes can differ. So be careful until you are sure.

Note the Products on which you can use Bar Keepers Friend. See the label.

For my sink...I do the same as for the refrigerator, except that I use water to wash off the paste residue. Then I wipe down the sink with with a soft dry towel. Like magic, the sink looks like new.

From time to time I pull out my old kitchen drawer knives and clean the spots off of the stainless steel blades. I put my old "kitchen drawer" knives in the dishwasher...and they get stains from this and that. (I never put my good knives in the dishwasher.) 

I make a paste of Bar Keepers Friend powder and water on a soft cloth, then I go to work rubbing the spots. I am a little more aggressive with this job...because the stains can be bad. Often I reapply the paste and rub again for stubborn stains. (Don't look at the old plastic handles below. They are suffering from dishwasher scrubbings.)

I also use Bar Keepers Friend on my everyday stainless steel flatware...because I put it in the dishwasher and it gets those darn spots from food specs, heat, etc. 

If you decide to try this on your stainless steel, please, please test on a small spot to make sure it does not do anything that you do not like. 

I have everyday and better stainless steel. The better stainless is always hand washed in hot soapy water in the sink. My everyday flatware is in a kitchen drawer that can be used for anything and then thrown into the dishwasher. the directions on the back of the Bar Keepers Friend shaker. 

According to Wikipedia...Bar Keepers Friend is a powdered cleaning product  that has been made since 1882 in Indianapolis, Indiana. It uses oxalic acid as the active ingredient.

Bar Keepers Friend is certainly my friend for cleaning things around my house! If you have any grungy stainless steel around your house, well, consider using Bar Keepers Friend. And of the directions before you use it on any surface around your house. Test a small spot. 

I hope this little tip helps you clean something around your house today.

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