March 25, 2015

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail

I decorate very simply for Easter. 
A few eggs here and some green plastic grass there. When the children were little Easter baskets were important items. Hubby and I helped the Easter Bunny with his seasonal duties.
Now that the kids are out of the "nest"...I make one large Easter basket and display it in a prominent place for any and all to help themselves to some chocolate or other sugary treat. 
I use different objects each year to serve as "the basket." One year I dressed up a pretty bowl, and another year I dressed up one of my old baskets. I am still thinking about this year's basket. 
Daughter and her family will be in for Easter Sunday and we will have lunch. So, I am working on that menu. Hubby does a great that will be the starting item, and I will plan vegetables and extras around the ham. 
To get myself into a seasonal frame of mind...I picked up a few decorative eggs and some green plastic grass. Last year I remember using moss as the base for my eggs. I may go back to that, but I picked up the plastic grass for the memory I guess. I used to find that stuff all over the house for days after Easter. 
I usually set up a buffet when we have family meals. Sometimes we eat in the dining room and sometimes in the kitchen. It just depends on how many of us there are. 
I hope these tulips stay pretty at least through Easter so that I can use them on the buffet.
I picked up the tulips at Lowe's a few days ago. The little green cachepot came with them, which I thought was a cute little extra.
 The eggs are faux, as is the grass.
I fell for these tulips because of their color...but I love tulips anyway and would have probably purchased them no matter their color.

You cannot beat white plates for their versatility. They go with any table settings. The goblets are simply plastic for outdoor use. I may have those available for folks who want to sit out on the back porch. 
And for fun, I picked up some bunny napkins. 

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