March 6, 2015

Going Green

green silk pillows

Being housebound with a least a foot of snow caused me to do some creative thinking to stay busy. 

I was actually looking around the house to see what I could do...because, believe it or not, it can get boring staying in the house for ten, yes ten, days. I was doing this and that...and taking photos.

I had an impulse idea to change out the pillows on my sofa. 

I have lots of green in the master bedroom so I went shopping in there. 

It never occurred to me before to use green pillows and accents in the "parlor."  

I have lots of green this and that around the house...but mostly small bits here and there.

green pillows

I mostly used gold and black pillows in the parlor. 

Sometimes we can get comfortable with what we are using and don't think of other options. 

Out of desperation (from being in the house) I started walking around the house to see what I might do (to help keep my sanity.)

needlepoint pillows

 This is how the sofa and pillows were looking until I tossed them to the side and went around the house looking for green pillows.  

Shopping the house can be fun...
and does not cost a penny. 

coffee table vignette

The boxwood was already on the table, but I added a few faux pears just for the color.

green candle holders

I brought some green tea light holders to the vignette. Again...just shopping the house for green items.

sofa pillows

I started with all of the pillows stacked on the sofa...but there was no room to sit with this arrangement. 

It looked pretty...but was not practical. Also...the layout was not right.

green silk pillows

I kept clicking the camera...knowing that I needed to rearrange the pillows. 

But to begin, I was just checking to make sure the colors would work in the room. 

black needlepoint pillows

The colors of the pillows seem to change depending on how the light strikes or from which angle I am taking the photo.

green pillows

I decided to stack the pillows to each side of the sofa. This way there was room to sit.  

You can see my pretty little needlepoint pillow here.(No, I did not do this needlepoint myself.) :-)

wool throw

This is a very cozy throw that came from a shop in Lex years ago. I have it out during the cold winter months.

In a design class we were told that all shades of green work in nature. I have been testing that theory for years. What do you think?

green silk pillow

black needlepoint pillow

preserved boxwood

blue and white china

using green in living room

So, here we are. The sofa has been refreshed with green pillows. I like it. I was needing a "fresh" change from all of the white snow.

I guess I have been craving green, as in green grass, green leaves, etc. Spring! Yes, that is what I need! It cannot come fast enough!

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