March 18, 2015

First Spring Tablescape

First Spring Tablescape 
March 18, 2015
Spring weather is here on my little hill in south central Kentucky! 

...And to celebrate the arrival of warmer temps I created a fresh tablescape in the dining room. I went shopping in the basement that is where I store my seasonal stems and other decorative stuff. 

I began with one of my springtime favorites, my kiwi green tulips. They look so much lighter in the photographs...but they are a lovely shade of lime sherbet ice cream. The container...which is a pottery version of a silver Revere just about the same color as the blooms. 

I added lime green candles to hurricanes to continue the "green" theme. I always put sand or epsom salts at the base of candles to catch dripping wax. The cleanup is so much easier that way.
The yellow overhead lights are making the tulips and candles look yellow, but they really are light green. 
To make this arrangement, I put a few small bags of glass florist beads/marbles (from Wal-mart) in the bowl. Next, I put each florist bush of tulips down into the marbles. The weight of the glass secures the bushes of tulips. There are five small bushes in the arrangement. At the time I bought all of this color that the shop had. I would have bought a couple of more otherwise. This is an easy, easy arrangement. If I can do this...anyone can. 
As you can see...this is a very traditional table vignette. But, that seems to be my style. Simple. Traditional.  This tablescape will change...but for right now, I like it as this year's first spring tablescape.
I just love tulips...and adore fresh ones. I love the gentle sway of their stems. To me tulips just say "spring."
I hope this gives you an idea of how you can make a simple arrangement for your table. 
My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

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