March 15, 2015

Designing a Spring Door Basket

 March 15, 2015

I am already into Springtime!
I have had enough winter...frigid temps, snow storms, and being stuck at home because of a steep icy driveway! 

I am moving on.
I showed you the plain basket in a previous post.
And here it is all dolled up!

This basket arrangement will go on my front door. 
I want my basket of flowers to scream say "Hello Spring!"

I started by going to the basement to forage for some spring looking flowers. I decided to go with all yellow because I want my new door basket to welcome visitors with a bright pop of color. Yellow!
Here is the basket "before" pic.
Next, I take my long stems and just place them into the basket. 
I put the longest stems in the back and the shortest ones in the front. 
I bend and tweak stems so that all of the blossoms are facing front.
It is just that simple!

The stems are holding each other in by being packed in tightly. The wind will not blow them out of the basket. I used no foam, no hot glue, etc. I do not want this arrangement to be permanent. I want to be able to switch the stems whenever I get the motivation to do so. I have a covered front porch, so the basket and flowers have some protection from the elements. 
I remember where I purchased a few of the stems, and from what arrangement I pulled some of them. I had some very large arrangements at our old house, and after we moved into our downsize I started taking them apart. That gave me lots of stems to play with.  

I love to mix and rearrange flowers.  When they get dogeared I discard them...but since I wash them from time to time they stay nice. (This is how I wash them...) I swish them in a mild solution of dish soap and warm water in the kitchen sink when they look extra dusty, then I rinse them under the faucet. I put them in a vase and set them outside to dry. Almost like new! If you have a small amount of dust just use a dry clean paint brush to dust of any dust bunnies.
For an investment of fifteen dollars (for the basket) and going down the basement stairs to locate some stems, I have a new floral arrangement to hang on the front door. Yeah!
I have not yet found a ribbon that I like...but I decided to go ahead and put my basket on the door anyway.
We are farther off of the road than most of our I like to use colors that pop. I don't want them to miss my creative door decorations. ha!
How are you planning to decorate your doors for spring? A wreath maybe? Or do you have a door basket that you are going to use? I would love to see your creative door designs. email me: if you want to share. I will post on the blog for others to get inspiration.

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