March 24, 2015

A Golden Photoshoot

 Warning...lots of golden  photos!
(Disclaimer...This began as a photo shoot of a tray...but it led to my taking pictures of Mikey, the golden, the family baby, the lovebug.)

I was taking photos of a tray the other day when I switched the camera onto Mikey. He usually hangs around me when I work on house projects, moving from one spot to another. He has the official title of "Designer Dog." 

When he was younger he was not a co-operative subject. If I got down to his level to snap pics...he would immediately come over to me and "get in my face." Like hey...whatcha doing? Can I help, huh? Wiggle. Pant. Wiggle.
Golden retrievers have such child like personalities...even my eleven year old guy. But today, for some reason, he was willing to "stay" for me. I even managed to get down on his level and get some closeup snaps.
We picked up a car seat cover the other day. (Golden fur gets on everything!)It is one of those blanket things that hooks around the backseat headrests and covers the backseat. The box has instructions on how to get your dog ready to ride in the car.  The suggestion is to put the blanket over the seat, then put your dog into the car, and just sit in the driveway. This is supposed to get your dog used to being in the car. We had a laugh because Mikey has been riding in the car since he was a little pup. During that time we learned that he grows most impatient during his outings when certain things happen.
Mikey has trained us to know his likes and dislikes. 
He does not like the car windows to be down. 
Must be the wind. 
He loves air conditioning vents.
He likes them to blow on his face. 
(Yes I know, it sounds strange that he does not like wind but does like air conditioner blowing on his face.)
He does not like the red "stop" lights. 
He gets antsy.
He prefers the car to be moving.
Go papa go! not attempt a drive thru at fast food joint as he gets very fidgety.
Must be the smell of burgers and fries.
I think Mikey would actually like to drive the car...
but getting a license might be a big problem. He is also easily distracted...which works against him too. :-) 
We will take him for a car ride with the new seat cover blanket soon to see if it meets with his approval. Yes, I said "his" approval. (ha!)

While Mikey is a very lovable and easy going guy...he has become a little bit picky about some things in his older years. But I would not trade him for a sack of gold.
He is as sweet as he looks...a big lovebug!

Mikey loves small children, visitors, our UPS driver, pinches of golden oreo cookies, playing in the yard, napping next to his person, and scouting out snacks when ever and where ever he can find the opportunity. He loves belly rubs and head rubs. He is the family therapist always! And he accepts love from everyone in return for his devotion. 

While at times Mikey acts like a spacey air headed puppy, he also shows great wisdom in his interactions with his family and others. He understands the feelings and emotions of his people and knows when they need quiet companionship. 
Mikey and I hope you have a great day and come back to visit us when you can! 

(As you can tell, we are silly about this huge ball of fluff.)

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