February 16, 2015

Snow Day!

There was quite a build up by the weather people about the snow that was going to hit Kentucky. I had to think...well, we'll see. Sometimes those big warnings fizzle. This time NOT! They were on the mark with this prediction.
image source, http://www.durangokids.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/snowday.jpg
...and it is still snowing as of midday Monday Feb. 16th. I snapped a few pics because I just had to share with you. 
snow in kentucky  feb 2015
Our view from the front porch 
I stood on the front porch and snapped this photo. There is no way we will make it down our driveway any time soon. We brought provisions in on Sunday afternoon before any "weather" was predicted to arrive.
snow in kentucky  feb 2015
our side yard view
It has been many, many years since we have had a deep snow. I have to admit that I love having a "snow day" from time to time. It makes everyone slow down and stay in the house. I know that it is not convenient...but just once in a while it is fun to have a snow day.
snow in kentucky  feb 2015
our back yard view
I pulled out my camera and played with different settings, etc.  I tried to catch snow fakes and managed a few. I am still learning photography! If you know of a great website, or if you have some good tips please let me know. I have a really good camera, but have not yet learned to use it to its potential.
snow in kentucky  feb 2015
Mikey has been in and out quite a bit today. He is enjoying the snow. If I were a good doggie mom I would suit up with parka, boots, and gloves and go out to play with him. Maybe I will a bit later.  In this pic above...he hears and sees neighbors or kids down the street. He loves to monitor the neighborhood from his hill.
snow in kentucky  feb 2015
You can kindof see how deep the snow is by looking at his tracks. 
snow in kentucky  feb 2015
I managed to catch a few flakes mid-fall. I am not sure what Mikey is checking on in this pic.
golden retreiver
In between his forays outside...he likes to cozy up with his "papa."
golden retreiver
Goldens are velcro dogs! They are never too far away...And I would not have it any other way. :-)

If you are in snowy or icy parts of the country please be careful, and stay warm. I will keep you posted about southcentral KY and will send pics if we have more significant snowfall.

Happy Snow Day Y'All.

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