February 2, 2015

Small Changes in Parlor Décor

I made a few minor changes in the parlor, aka mama cave, since Christmas. I have pretty much left the room alone since taking away the Christmas "pretty." 

I added some fragrance to to the room by putting some filler in a blue and white bowl. It smells so clean and fresh when entering the front door. The bowl has a finish that is not to be used for serving food, so I thought that a bag of filler would be just fine. 

fresh pine filler

I took away the red amaryllis and put some preserved boxwoods into my blue and white planter. 

I picked up a $4.99 blue and white lidded jar at TJMx sometime after Christmas and added it to my coffee table blue and white display. (left of the picture above.) I need to put some moss in the planter to hide the galvanized pots. On the "to do" list. 

My new lidded jar is above. It fits in with the rest of my blue and white. I may put some flowers in it at some point. I have to say that it was an impulse purchase...but at the price I figured it was ok. ha! I just love how these pieces make a room look so traditional, but so fresh. 

Blue and white can be used with so many colors. I love being able to move my blue and white pottery and china around the house for vignettes here and there. I have seen it used in a lime green room, a blue room, and of course my yellow gold rooms...and it looked/looks wonderful.  There may be some colors out there that just do not work with any of the blue and white pieces of china...but they would be few. 

I added a few items to the top of the armoire. I have vignettes on top of every tall piece of furniture in the house...except for this one. I am not sure how it escaped...but I put a few things up there this week. It usually takes me a few tries to get something just the way I want it...so this may change. I added a black split oak basket. While the basket is a tad rustic, I am hoping that the black will be the unifying factor. The wool rug has a black ground too. I added a couple of extra ivy plants plus a couple of décor pieces. We will see how it goes...but for now Iike it. The recessed light acts as a spotlight, but I do not use the overhead lights very much.

I love this cherry armoire. I have a small tv in the top and storage shelves in the bottom. This armoire has a wooden rod for the top so that the it can be used as a wardrobe. When it was in our vacation house it held a large tv in the top and music components, cds, etc. in the bottom. It lived in climate control storage for a couple of years so the cherry wood is in great shape. 

I love that the top of the armoire is flat so that I can put things up there. Our larger one in the great room has a barrel top...so nothing is going on top of it. 

One final change was to move this arrangement from the great room to the parlor. I put it on my tilt top table in front of the window, and it looks much prettier in this location.  This arrangement goes great with my gold damask drapes too. I love the feathers...and the muted colors make me think of the outside yard and fence rows. Blades of grass and sprigs of twigs going every which way and make things look windblown and natural. 

I try to repeat colors in my house...and this arrangement reflects my colors...gold, yellow, shades of green, black, and caramel. 

Repeating colors is a way to have cohesiveness throughout your house. Your guest bathroom should have some of the colors that are in the rest of the house. It could be a flower arrangement, a window treatment, or small rugs and towels. If you kitchen and family room are open to each other...your colors should flow, match, complement. You do not want an abrupt change from one room to the next. 

Here is how I have used colors in my house...Note how I keep repeating most of the colors. Each room may have a different amount of green, or black, or gold, but look closely and you will see them there. (All wood trim is crisp white.)
  • The parlor has black, gold, yellow, blue/indigo/white, and touches of green.
  • The great room has black, gold, caramel, and touches of green.
  • The kitchen has black, gold, yellow, white and touches of green. 
  • The dining room, across the gallery from the parlor, has yellow, gold, touches of green, blue/white, and an indigo wool rug. 
  • The master has shaded of green,touches of berry, brown, and black.
  • The hall/guest bath has gold, black, and grey.

All of the areas that are open to each other in my house have the same colors. I use various accent pieces, pillows, etc. to blend my broad color spectrum.

The indigo rug is not my first choice for the dining room of this house...but it is what I had in my previous dining room that was painted a dark indigo. The rug was an investment piece...so I have to live with it.  I had a yellow, blue, black, green theme in the main areas of the Georgian...with crisp white trim. It might sound crazy...but it worked. 

And here is one last item below that you will recognize. The very last Christmas decoration! Yes...it is still sitting around!  I am thinking I could just leave it up through St. Patrick's Day!..since it is green and all. The colors are right! The time has come for me to put the filler with the other Christmas decorations. One more zip lock bag!

What kind of little no cost changes have you made to your home since Christmas? 

Have you moved and rearranged furniture or accessories? 

Sometimes simple little changes can help a space (and a person) feel better...without spending a cent. I am still on the mission to decorate, design, and re-imagine my house with things I already own. Please check back! :-)

Thanks so much for visiting! 
Until the next time,
Sheila  ©MyKentuckyLiving 2014-2015

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