February 25, 2015

More Kitchen Photos

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After my "Basket Case" post several days ago, I had emails requesting that I show more of my kitchen. I still have lots of snow reflecting light into the house, so I grabbed my camera and began snapping. I did not turn on any overhead lights as they tend to throw a yellowish cast on everything. I prefer to use natural light...even if that means that there are some shadows here and there. 
My kitchen is small, so I take advantage of the cabinet tops for display space....for my many baskets. When we bought the house I was not so sure about these painted white cabinets...but since they are Mouser, I decided to just roll with them. I had solid cherry cabinets in my larger house, and I still miss them. They were taller to go with the ten foot ceilings. That gave me an additional shelf.  Ahhh. But moving on...I am learning to like my white cabinets.

After we moved in I went to Lowes and bought black iron knobs to tie things together. I love to decorate with black anyway...so anything black will work in this kitchen. The black Queen Ann style chairs are Pottery Barn that I brought with me. They work well with my old pine table.
Black Pearl Granite

Here is the coffee/tea counter. One thing about a black and white kitchen is that you can use almost any other color...and get a great color combination going. Color really "pops."

The layout of the kitchen is square.  One wall has the range and refrigerator. The opposite wall has the sink, and an L-shape counter extension, which makes a breakfast bar. The last wall is a doorway into the dining room. I really want interior French doors installed...but that it another story.
tea cups
I found these tea cups on a trip to TJMx once upon a time.
linen tea towels

And you all know that I love pretty tea towels.
Black White Silver Kitchen

Here is a pic of one side of the kitchen...looking toward the back yard. You may wonder why I have a tea towel clipped to the refrigerator door. Well, I have to do that to pad the door because it will crash into the wall if it swings too far open. It is funny the quirks you find after you move into a house. The opening for the refrigerator was not large enough for the fridge to be back and for the doors to swing open. Yep...when we bought the house, the refrigerator was partly pulled out in the floor. Fortunately I found a cabinet maker who moved a couple of cabinets in order to gain several inches for the fridge. There were other quirks...but I will save those for another time.
Kitchen Decorating

I painted the walls a Ben Moore Westminster Gold.
Notice the black wrought iron light fixture...it's over the old pine table. When I say old, I don't mean antique, I mean a table we have had a long time. ha! It's a farmhouse sort of looking thing.

Here is the sink and dishwasher side of the kitchen. My clutter tends to happen on this side.

This granite is called black pearl. It can vary from looking like charcoal to

aluminum kitchen tools
The mixer was a Valentine's gift from hubby years ago.
kitchen décor
I discovered aluminum as a kitchen and serving metal a few years ago...and began picking up a piece or two here and there. The material is very durable...and none of the cleaning and care as with silver.
aluminum ice bucket
This is a knocked around old ice bucket...but it still looks good I think.

black white silver kitchen
This is the L-shaped counter...that is usually used as a work surface in this petite kitchen.

The red mixer really pops against the black and white.
kitchen aid mixer
My mother gave me some pretty tea towels for Christmas.

kitchen design ideas

living with a black and white kitchen
More kitchen here. I included a photo of the kitchen below...which shows my using orange in the kitchen last summer. Yes...I love color, and fortunately almost any color plays well with black and white.

I hope you enjoyed the quick tour... in response to many of you wanting to see more. I am just like you all...I love to see photos of people's kitchens. Since kitchens are mostly for working...I often have trouble keeping mine "picture" perfect. It gets real in here folks! Every speck of flour or sugar shows up on those dark counters, as well as every smudge of olive oil or butter. But when I wipe things down...it can be dazzling.

Here's to dazzling! May you have a bit of dazzle in each and every day!

Thank you to cozy little house for Featuring this post on March 9, 2015

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