February 22, 2015

Mixing Design Styles

As most of you know...I am a traditional design sort of girl. But every once in a while I do like to mix things up style wise...and I am in that sort of mood. I moved a few things around and thought I would show you what I did.
After Christmas I took these hurricanes into the dining room to "rest" on the table until I packed them away. They are large, and have clean sleek lines, so I tend to feel like they are a little bit modern. 
Here they are dressed up for Christmas. When I take off the red bows they change to a more contemporary look. So, what to do?

I placed the hurricanes on a low boy with a champagne bucket filled with ivy. 
There is not a single spec of "non-traditional" in the dining room...so I wonder if these hurricanes fit with the style. The wood furniture and everything else is "reproduction" 18th century for the most part. Even the drapery fabric is an old damask pattern.
Solid cast brass chandy with shades...traditional.

China Cabinet...and candlesticks, very traditional.

Here are the table, chairs, and china cabinet... traditional.
This cast aluminum bowl may be slightly modern, but the aluminum candlesticks, I feel, are purely traditional.

I placed the hurricanes on a low boy with a champagne bucket filled with ivy. Here is where the style and size can be seen better. They are a larger scale than the champagne bucket. I am wondering if they are too large for the scale of the lowboy.

The hurricanes are still sitting on the lowboy...but I cannot decide whether to keep them there.  Or, is the answer possibly removing the champagne bucket and ivy. Hmmm. So many design decisions to keep me busy. How do you think I should mix it up? 
I like to mix up my decorating styles sometimes. But is this the time and are these the items to mix? What do you all think? Do the hurricanes stay or move along? I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions. 

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