February 7, 2015

Dinner in the Kitchen

For Dinner ...do something special!
At our house...the kids have flown the nest. We do things much simpler and more informal these days. During the "kid" years I cooked dinner at least five out of seven nights. The table was set...and the four of us sat to eat and talk together. (Homework was to begin after dinner as after school time was for relaxing and doing whatever.) For many, many years, this was the family schedule. When the last one left for college hubby and I began to eat out more often, or eat on crazy schedules. I know that I need to get back into the swing of things and bring back our scheduled sit down time at the dinner table, but we are footloose now and do what we want when we want.
With just the two of us...we eat in the kitchen, or I guess I should say the eating area just off of the kitchen. We have a formal dining room on the other side of the house.
I was thinking about how to set the kitchen table for a nice dinner.
Because I like to play with dishes...I began staging my "Dinner in the Kitchen" table to see what I could come up with.

I began with a scalloped gold plastic charger.
Next I added two red/pink Spode plates. Then I pulled out a couple of red napkins and folded them into flat packets. Start by folding the napkin in half. Then bring the two lower corners up to the top middle fold line.

Next, bring the top tow corners down to the bottom point. This will give you a flat square.

The 18/10 stainless flatware is Sheridan by Oneida. I love it. Formal, but can be used with old or modern styles of china. The soup mugs are Better Homes and Gardens brand. Nothing at this place setting is too precious except for the two Spode plates...and the flatware. 
When I was a young bride...I read Etiquette books and Southern Living magazine to learn how to properly set tables, when to light candles, and other housekeeping tips. One thing that I read which has stuck with me for years is that there is no one more special than your family so be sure to take the time to set a pretty table and make dinner time special. 
Whether you are eating in the kitchen, at the kitchen bar, on the back porch, or in the dining room, take a couple of minutes to set a pretty table or place setting. Add a candle or two in the evening to make it a special time.

Whether it is a special occasion like a Valentines dinner, or a Tuesday night with just you and hubby eating dinner in the kitchen, try to make it pretty. I confess that too often I am fine with dinner on a tray...watching the news. I really must stop this! While I am not advocating Downton Abby formality...maybe we should try a little harder to make dinner time special. 
I purchased a smaller white tablecloth at TJMxx years ago...just so I could use it on the smaller kitchen table. A white tablecloth is so fresh and clean looking. This one can be thrown into the washer and dryer, which is the only way for me.
For my friends who know me well...you will get a chuckle out of this...When our daughter left to live in Washington D.C. as a grad student...I sent a small white square tablecloth with her to use on her screw together small round "kitchen" table. I say kitchen, but really her kitchen was about four feet long down one side of her studio apartment. I told her that she just might need a white tablecloth for some occasion. ha! She took it, though I am sure she did not believe she would ever need it.
I put this table together with some very simple items. You can do the same thing. 

If you do not have a tablecloth...I suggest that you pick up a simple white one. It can elevate the level of "pretty." I do love pretty place mats too...but for something special, try a white tablecloth. 

Look in the one of the home stores for something inexpensive. While I love beautiful table linens, I am also pragmatic about things that will get food and beverage stains. I want to be able to through that baby into the washer and dryer. Sorry linen...I love you, but you are just not practical for my table. 

Here is my casual kitchen dinner table...Now, I need to figure out a menu for Valentines dinner.
The Beatriz Ball cake plate will have something pretty and special on it too. Will it be chocolate, or will it be strawberry? hmmm.
So, if you want a simple quiet evening at home dress your kitchen table, add some candles, and music of your "decade" and enjoy. Cook a special menu, or cook together, and have fun.
Your menu does not need to be elaborate...because by dressing your table and creating a relaxed ambiance with candles and music, the meal will be special.

Just FYI...I Love My BIA Cordon Bleu Soup Tureen With Ladle. 

My 3 1/2 quart porcelain soup tureen has handles for carrying right to the table for serving, plus a ladle and a lid to keep soup warm. It can also  be put into the oven at a lower temp to keep a soup or stew warm. Also, it Holds 3 1/2 quarts which is a good size. You can get this at Bed Bath and Beyond. Mine came from One Kings Lane...but they are the same. I like this one because it is inexpensive, and should it meet with a kitchen accident, well, not too much lost. I have way too much breakage to invest in a fine china tureen. Have you looked at the prices of some? Ouch! Beautiful, but with my track record of breaking, chipping or cracking I should not go down the expensive tureen path! ha!

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