February 15, 2015

Decorating "Tweaks"

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The weatherman is predicting some major snow and cold temps for Kentucky. We already have the cold. The call is for up to twelve inches of snow though. Yikes! I can only hope that they are wrong about this. I am not sure about Mikey...but he does love to play in the snow! (You can see that he has now adopted an old white towel, as well as a red blanket and old ball, as part of his stash of personal items. Goldens seem to be collectors of "things." Or is it just Mikey?) 
Mikey is watching me tweak a couple of things at the moment.  Please join us...
Mikey the Golden Retriever
I am continuing to putter around the house rearranging things, making changes to vignettes, and even tinkering with a floral arrangement. I am also staying busy inside with working on stacks of papers, magazines, and other things that need to be stored in a more organized fashion. I only seem to do some of these chores when it is too cold to play outside. Once warmer temps and sunshine descend upon us...I will hop to doing things outside. I can't wait. How about you?
Here is one of a set of chairs that is needing to be recovered. The chairs started out life in the Hilton Head vacation house and the years of sunlight have taken its toll on the fabric. It is weak and beginning to pull apart in worn places. I have looked at fabrics off and on for a few months now...and have not found anything that speaks to me yet. I know that the chintz and blue bows need to go...but that project is still on the "to do" list until I find the right fabric. Moving on...
 In the great room (with the chairs that need to be recovered) are my matching pine chests. I showed these to you before...but the pics did not show the color as well as these pics do. I managed to snap these photos with the morning light on the back of the house. I love the carving and the solid brass hardware.
I have had these pine chests for years. I still love that old washed pine look. Not sure if they are out of style or not...but they still work for me. ha! They were in the master bathroom of the Georgian. They served as his and her chests for our various small items. Having a piece of furniture in a bathroom makes it feel more like a real room. So, if you have the room you might like to try moving a chest of some sort into your bathroom.
Now, the chests serve as end tables on each end of the sofa. I use them to store candles, desk items (pens, tablets, stapler, etc) and one drawer even has my winter scarves and gloves. I need drawers! I love having the tops for my ever changing vignettes. It is fun to play with arrangements of this and that.
I have been looking at my wire cage in the corner of the great room. It was called a finial when I bought it, because of the top I think. I think of it as an urn for some reason. Maybe because I can put things inside of it.
My "urn" comes apart where the wide metal band is (above.) I lift off the top and then put filler inside. For the longest time I have just stored pine cones inside.  Well, while I have been digging through things as my post Christmas activity, I ran across some sprigs of ivy.
By putting the sprigs of ivy inside the urn/wire cage I created more of a floral arrangement. Hummm...this spur of the minute idea made me like the look much better than just plain pine cones. The ivy is more colorful. And...I need some color in this cold, dark Kentucky winter.

You can see the finial top in this pic. Also...look at the layers of gold and black paint. Those were on it when I purchased this item in a Lex design shop several years ago. I know...it looks old and cruddy like you would want a shabby sort of thing. Normally I don't like old beatup looking things. But this "objet" interested me. I think I liked it because of its classical look...despite its old appearance. I have thought of spray painting my cage with black satin paint. But, I am afraid to. Part of the charm of this "thing" is the chippy paint appearance. So...here I sit sticking sprigs of ivy, pine cones, and sometimes faux fruit in it. I move it around the great room and kitchen...and enjoy the design versatility it affords me.
I usually use the cage in the less formal part of the house...great room and kitchen...but I sometimes like the contrast of fine vs rustic. Maybe I should try it in the dressier part of the house. What do you all think?

For now I have this arrangement of grasses on the dining room table. Maybe I will try the wire finial/caged urn there. Also, I will try to figure out a name for this thing instead of calling it by the various words I  have used today.
Mikey the Golden Retriever
Mikey and I will wait to see if the weatherman's predictions come true. I will snap some snow pics if we get any of the white stuff.
Mikey the Golden Retriever
In the meantime....You can tell that Mikey is not overly concerned one way or the other since he drifted off for one of his naps. Maybe I will do the same thing on this cold afternoon! ha!

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