February 18, 2015

A Basket Case

Still snowed in...
Snow in Ky WHAS

What do you do if you have been "snowed in" for a few days and need something to do? (And I don't mean clean the house.)

Winter Door Wreath

Well, I took advantage of all of the white stuff outside to take some photos inside. The white snow reflected wonderfully inside so that I could take some nice pics. So, since I was bored with staying inside...I picked up my camera and started playing with settings. I needed to do something to counter my feeling of "stir crazy." 

I have been a "basket case" long before this latest "snow" though. Take a look... I love showing off my pretty baskets. 

I have loved baskets for years, and I love to incorporate them in my decorating. Some I use for storage, while some are placed here and there waiting for a chance to work.

I put many of my baskets on top of the kitchen cabinets. When we moved into the house I was not so sure that I wanted to load up the cabinet tops ( I was wanting a clean, uncluttered look) ...but as I unpacked more and more of my baskets it was looking like I would have to use that real estate. That is part of downsizing and having lots of pretty things that need to go somewhere. I lost, sold, and gave away so much stuff...that the things I now have are special. So, I looked up to find display opportunities.

basket collection

The greenish bottom basket has hinged lids...and makes a great storage basket or travel/picnic basket. 

This basket was once the home of  many, many pink tulips and sat on top of the high boy in the master bedroom. That was during my pink and peach phase. I pulled out the tulips and will do something else with the basket.

The upper and lower baskets are my extra special baskets. The top basket belonged to my husband's grandmother. It was her egg basket. The lower basket belonged to my great grandmother Levona Riggins Tarter. It is the only thing I have that was hers, besides memories. 


This honey colored basket is  a "useful" basket...besides being a decorative one.


Here are a few more baskets that I have picked up here and there. Their shapes and handles decide how I use them.

Decorating with baskets

Baskets add great texture to a room! I think  that it is good to group collections of items together, so maybe it is a good idea that I caved in and put my basket collection on top of the cabinets.

Do you use your cabinet tops as display space?
How do you use baskets around your house?

This floral arrangement lived at my mother's house while we were in storage and between houses. It looked really pretty in her kitchen...but I though I needed it in my kitchen too. So...it finally made the trip to our new house. 

The pumpkin vase is just a decorative item I picked up and I thought it would go with the basket collection in the kitchen.

Decorating with baskets

A great basket can still stop me in my tracks...but I try to be very selective about the items I bring home these days. I just do not have the space that I had when we lived in the Georgian.

Snow in Kentucky, Winter 2015

Here is a peek at the "day after" snow day. 
We have sunshine! Woohoo! And I mean that. We have had too many gray days!  The weather folks say that my area is not finished with snow...so we shall wait and see how much more snow we get.

Those tracks are "Mikey" tracks. 
He has not been deterred by the depth of the snow.

My round shrubs look like soft freeze ice cream.

The tree in my front yard is holding on tightly to those leaves.
We live in a small neighborhood out in the country, so we do not have road services because we are not on a main road. Hubby went out to survey the situation to try to walk down the hill to the mailbox. I did not think it was worth a "slip and fall" just to see if the mail ran today. (And how could we get to the ER if something happened?) Well, he and Mikey went out to the driveway and surveyed the lay of the land. They returned immediately! Maybe we can check the mail tomorrow!

I think these guys need a barn!

I hope you are warm and safe where you live. 

Thanks for visiting.

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