January 10, 2015

Re-imagine Your House!

Re-imagine your house

Hmmm. Is it that simple?

This is a post from Jan. 2015, but I think that the message a good one for Jan. 2016. 

Re-imagine your house, your room, or your closet! 

It's about rethinking a space and coming up with an idea to refresh the look. 

It is January and many of us are facing the darker days of winter. But what could we do to make our homes, and us, feel better during those dark, cold days. 

Well, thinking up something to refresh a space in your home may be the answer. It could be a small project...like adding some new pillows, or creating a new floral centerpiece. Or it could be a larger project like painting a room, and getting all new accessories. ha!

If money were no object we could all re-imagine our houses whenever we desired. But with people saving for their child's college or their own retirement one must be a little more conservative! 

I think the challenge for most would be to see about making small changes that could have a big impact. Changing walls (paint/paper,) pillows, bedspreads, or accessories could be just the thing to make your space new and fresh. Or, maybe you have an overall change to your whole house...that you want to accomplish over a longer time span.

Since we did a whole house customization before moving into our new house...I really do not have any large redecorating plans. But, I like to tweak things from time to time. I guess I just cannot leave well enough alone. Here is a peek at my most recent tweak.

I ordered a post Christmas comforter in hopes that it would help me to "re-imagine" a bedroom. The leopard comforter is kind of "out there" from the usual type of bed linens that I purchase. But it is a new year...and Southern Living magazine says that having a touch of animal print in a room can be a "traditional" touch. Ok. Works for me! 

Here is the catalog pic. For some reason it just spoke to me. And when the box arrived and I opened it, I was not disappointed. The fabric is soft and the colors and print are very attractive. This is a great comforter! I purchased it to go at the foot of the bed during the winter. I love it already.  

The big issue when ordering this was whether or not this animal print could co-exist with my uber traditional master bedroom. I decided to give it a try. You see, I have the cherry rice carved four poster, the Williamsburg matlessé bedspread, the toile drapes, and the Chippendale sofa. Yep, I am "traditional." 

I opened the newly delivered box, put the comforter at the foot of the bed, and decided it looked pretty cool! Ha!  Who knew?!  Just adding that animal print comforter made the room look updated! I think that I just re-imagined the master bedroom. I love it! 

The comforter's light caramel color goes nicely with the caramel colored lamp shades on the bedsides lamps. The dark color is a black/brown and goes nicely with the dark brown wood tones in the room. All in all, I believe that the print works in the "hearts of palm" green room. I also have some silk pillows in green and brown that pull those two colors together. You probably would not think that green and brown make a good combo. All I can say is that it works for me. Maybe it has something to do with a cool and warm color somehow balancing the palate. 

To throw another curve into this color palate I have a deep rose/berry sofa. Again...crazy, but I think it works. The sofa has been slated for new fabric for a few years, but something else always stepped in front of it. Plus I never could decide on a fabric. The original fabric was lemon yellow damask. It was beautiful! I will eventually find a fabric that speaks to me. I will wait until I find something I love though. It will need to work with the greens, which leaves lots of color options.

I recently read in a January publication...not sure which magazine or catalog...that "color" is on its way back "in." For someone like me who loves color, this is great news. I know that lots of you love neutrals...and I have tried them, but it seems that color just lifts my spirits and makes my house seem like a happy place. I do have two neutral painted bedrooms...so I am paying homage to a couple of neutral colors.

Take a look and see how this animal print comforter upped the style in my bedroom. I understand that this bit of leopard might not be attractive to everyone, but for a bit of warm pouf at the end of the bed this winter I think that the leopard adds a bit of fun to the otherwise very sedate prim and proper room.

I have had the brown and green pillows for a few years. I always liked the colors together...so maybe going to this print comforter is not such a huge stretch. 

The ivory pillow is a bargain that I found at Tuesday Morning. Love bargains!

I took these pics when the morning light was streaming in through the bedroom windows. 

The wall color is SW Hearts of Palm...that I used in a previous house also. The next color down on the color strip is Sassy Green...and I have used that too. I just love these two shades of green. 

The monogram on the pillow was done by Southern Spirit Gifts & Monogramming in Somerset, Kentucky. 

The bedside lamps came with me from the farm. The bases are brown with caramel colored silk shades.

I brought the drapes and valances from the previous house too. They are a very traditional toile...with dark green trim/tassels.

The January 2014 issue of Southern Living magazine, mentioned the things that made a house have a "southern" traditional style...one of those items on the list is an animal print. Check.

I have to tell you what a stretch it is for me to have something this "wild" in my house. Ha! I am so conservative. 

I dress conservatively...though I do have an animal print scarf and a sweater...and most of my house is so conservative. 

And look what I just did! I just bought a leopard comforter! ha! For me...this is wild!  At least it was on sale! 

Re-Imagining your house is something you can do. You just need some inspiration. 

Look at some great magazines or catalogs to get ideas. You do not have to invest a few thousand dollars redecorating your house. 

Pick up, or make, a few neat accessories that are a fresh new color for you. Paint some walls and find a new rug that completes a theme or style that is new to you. Rearrange the furniture in a room, or in your house. Change drapes...or make a new window treatment. This is a new year...so find a new mind set for how you want your house to look. Maybe your idea is to have a clean clutter free look. Maybe you want a mid-century look. Or, maybe you want a cozy cabin look in your family room. The possibilities are almost limitless. 

Do you like traditional with a twist? What I mean by that is something that is traditional but in a fresh new way. 

I am not sure why the suggestion on the Pottery Barn catalog cover caught my attention and inspired me, but it did.  So, I am going to try to use my imagination this winter while I am in the house to "re-imagine" my living spaces. I have had everything in this bedroom for years, except for the new comforter. The addition of the comforter with its leopard print spiced up the room so that I can enjoy it more. 

I have an idea to repaint a bathroom. I have not bought the paint, but I am on the verge. I have been thinking about this color change since the marble tile were installed back in the summer. No promises yet... but I am very interested in painting. If I do this...the bathroom will take on a very different feel and style...all for the price of a bucket of paint. 

What do you think of my bit of animal print? Just a little on the wild side? Ha! I am having fun with it.  

I think I slept better the first night it was on the bed. And that is a good thing!

Grab a beverage of choice, grab the new catalogs that have arrived in your mailbox, or online, and start looking to see what grabs your eye. (I used to tear pages out of magazines and keep a file.) Just look for inspiration...and then apply it to your home. Get creative. Maybe take some inexpensive frames, spray paint a new color, and make a collage of your family pics, or botanicals,  or order something from an online store like art.com. 

Enjoy your home! Have some fun! Little things can make us feel better about our space/nest. 

Thanks for visiting.

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