January 18, 2015

More Brass & Gold Touches

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Since after Christmas I have been putting things back into a simpler state of décor. It takes time to get a house back in order after the "defrocking."

I have done a couple of small projects...but like so many other folks I seem to have slowed down a little since the Christmas rush. I have been getting Spring catalogs in the mail...and I am ready to jump into Spring projects...but not winter ones. :-) 

I have created a couple of greatroom vignettes for you to see... 

Here is one of the two pine chests that are in the great room. I have a chest on each end of the sofa....partly for storage, and partly because we sent the end tables I was going to use to an auction house for a quick sell. It was a case of bad communication! So much was going on at that time...it was crazy. Oh well...I decided to use my old pine chests, and since they have storage, that is just a plus. (But, I am wondering if the finish is in style?)
Here is the first chest that I showed you in a previous post. I brought an older brass lamp back into use...since brass is back "in." The drawer handles are also solid brass. 
Here is a closer look at the brass pineapple motif lamp. This is an old girl...dating from back in the 1980s when we built the Georgian... and brass was "the thing." I am so glad that I kept some of my old brass stuff.
Now, we are jumping over to the other pine chest. The vignettes change often...so who knows what will be here in a couple of weeks. For me, it is like playing house and creating an artistic still life.  For this vignette I placed another of my brass lamps, three pears, a book box, and a planter with some pots of grass on the top. I played with the items until I came up with  what seemed to be proper perspective and balance. 
I have three pears...an odd number is better than two, or four, whether it is pears or pillows.  I used the faux book to elevate the pears some. 
I pulled in the painted metal planter because it has pears on it. Then, I placed two small pots of wispy grass in the planter.
I include these two shots (above and below) just because I like the way the photographs look. 

Here is the brass lamp. I had it on a large cherry desk in my husband's office/study. The desk is taking up residence with a cousin at the present. Maybe the lamp and desk will be reunited again sometime.

The next few pics make me feel like I am an old Master...Rembrandt perhaps (ha!), using the lamp light to highlight the pears...and then seeing the dark shaded sides. I am not a painter but I pretend that I am one by placing a still life on a table...then taking photographs. I use the camera to capture what my fingers cannot paint...though I have lots of room for improvement behind the lens.   :-)

The lamp is very heavy cast brass...and cost a pretty penny at the time. The lacquer coating has stayed wonderfully. There are no signs of tarnish or flaking lacquer. yea!
The lamp shade is oval, or oblong. I have no idea what I will do when the shade needs to be replaced. It did get a little bent during the moving and storage process...Not much...but there is a bend where I wish there were no bend. Hmmm.

I am so happy that I have been able to "recycle" my brass lamps. I have heard that if you keep things long enough they will come back "in style." I guess for those of us who love home style, fashion, and design we roll with the trends to a certain degree. 

How about you? Do you try to keep with the latest house fashion, or do you pretty much stay with what you like. Or, maybe you keep what you treasure from family and travel finds...and then update with an accessory or two over the year? I would love to know your feelings and thoughts about staying "on trend." And...what you do to keep your house "in style." 

While I may think that I am not overly swayed by manufacturers and markets...I am. I love to look at blogs and the latest Traditional Home or Southern Living magazine. AND...I have to admit that the kitchen is for sure one area where I like to have nice new fresh appliances and decorative touches. We have all watched those television shows with the kitchen from a few decades earlier...and gasped! ha! I just think that a kitchen may be the area of a house that really "dates" it. 

So, my brass (and gold finish) is making its way back into the house décor...and I like it once again, since the "design" sources have sanctioned it. Are you like that too? When I say it out loud...I feel kind of silly that I am so swayed by what is "cool."  ha!

And a final question...Is the finish on my matching pine chests out of style? What should I do? I actually still like the old antique English scrubbed pine look...so, should I just be strong and say that I like it no matter what and keep it as is? 

Have a great day! And thank you for visiting.

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