January 23, 2015

Housekeeping Tip, Invisible Glass

Summer color for a cold winter day!
This is a quick post with a cleaning tip that I think you might like to try. I have no business affiliation with this product, Invisible Glass. It is just something that I like to use and I wanted to tell you about it. 

I have been catching up on some household cleaning since packing away the Christmas decorations. I have not been in "creative" mode so much lately but rather "cleaning" mode. I can tell you that I prefer doing creative projects more than the cleaning ones! Ha!  Nod if you agree with me. :-)

I love to have sparkling mirrors, and windows...though I may not be quite as obsessive over my windows.

Our son also loves to have sparkling car windows and mirrors. He is a car cleaning scholar...using this product or that!  He has cleaned and shined on cars since he became old enough to drive, or maybe before......many many years ago!  (He loved to wax and shine his little bicycles and motorcycles.) As a result...there would be lots of bottles and cans of this and that with the intention of making class, paint, or chrome shine like new money. 

One day...I found myself without the blue window spray and I noticed he had some windshield/glass cleaner in the garage. I thought I would give it a try. Nothing to lose. Wow...I was impressed. 

One particular item that I discovered is a windshield spray. It is made to clean bugs and whatever else off of car windows, so I decided to give it a try on my mirrors and then on the glass in picture frames.

 I always used the blue stuff in a spray bottle...but I would fight streaks, etc. I would wipe and shine and still have streaks. But once I used Invisible Glass...there were no more streaks, film, etc. I use regular paper towels...and just wipe. The first time you use Invisible glass on a mirror...you may need to spray and wipe twice in case there is buildup from a previous product. I even use this on my glass top range. I used the blue stuff...then used my Invisible Glass. Wiped dry with a microfiber cloth. No streaks! I love the results. 

I use Invisible Glass on mirrors around the house, the chrome faucets, and glass in picture frames. Seriously...there is no reside. I am a convert and keep some stashed under my sink. 
You will not find this product in the household cleaning aisle. But you can find it in the car cleaning aisle. I bought mine at WalMart. It costs a little more than the regular blue window spray, but I think it is worth it in order to not have streaks on my mirrors.
I have been slowly cleaning all of the mirrors in the house...as part of my post-Christmas cleanup.

If you should decide to give Invisible Glass a try please let me know how you like it. I hope you find it helpful!  Just search "Invisible Glass" online and it will pop up as sold in many places. 

I have a few more tips...so check back. Or better yet...subscribe by leaving your email in the appropriate box in the right hand sidebar of the blog. 

Have a great day!
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