January 8, 2015

Design & Décor Challenges, Already...

The after-party

I guess after-party is not a true description of the post Christmas cleaning and reorganizing of the house. But...that is what I have been doing the last few days. Wow, so much stuff, and I only brought up a few things from the basement. ha!

At my request, hubby went out to procure more "storage tubs" for me. I wanted to get all things Christmas into stackable tubs, instead of the boxes and bags that I had been using. I am trying to eliminate stuff around the basement floor. The new tubs helped a lot.
Post Christmas packing and clean up. Keeping it real !
First the packing up of Christmas lovelies. Then the cleaning up of the house, unless of course you are designer dog, who puts naps before everything. Mikey can nap almost any time any place. Moving on...

I have been dusting here and dusting there. And I have been vacuuming high and low.
And in the middle of all of that I jumped to a little design project. A small one...but none the less I will count it as my first project of the year. While Mikey snoozed I worked on a couple of tabletops. While the rest of the room was a mess, I played with tabletops! Oh why not! I have a few pics of "behind the scenes" @mykentuckyliving. i.e. things are out of place and messy looking. 
Mikey...my companion. He is always there for me!
After you take the pretty Christmas decorations off of a table, you sort of have a blank slate begging to be decorated. I had to reconfigure what to put where on the tabletops. I had to try to remember what little accessories I have, and where I stashed them. I sometimes put little things here and there (in a drawer, in a cabinet)...and then a month of six weeks later I am wondering where I put them. Remembering. Is that an age problem?...too many distractions?...or just not paying attention? Are any of you there yet? ha!
To start the story, I have two of these nice lamps. I have had them on each end of the sofa, serving as reading lamps. But, they really do not provide enough light. Lamps are 60 watt max. So I took a look around and thought about putting them on the small hall console table. At this point this is just an idea. 

This spot in the hall is a continuing design challenge. I change and rearrange all of the time, trying to find something that I like well enough to leave it alone for awhile. Here we go again. :-)
This is a windowless hall that leads to the bedroom side of the house. Getting nice pictures is a challenge because of low light. Because we have porches on the front and back of the house it is hard to get natural light for pictures. (There is a design faux pas on this table too. At least I was told that it is a faux pas.)
Just lamp light in this pic...
Overhead and can lights on in this pic.The hall is hard to photograph.
The lamps have a splotchy silver/gold finish...with beige shades. I have to say that the lamps really help with the dark hall. I can see keeping them on this table. The lamps were originally bought to go on a larger huntboard when we were in the Georgian house. Since moving to the new house it seems that everything is being used differently. 

Here is my 25+ year old brass bowl. Some shops would call it "vintage" I guess. I cleaned it with Bar Keepers Friend and it really helped. It had an oriental wooden stand...but I have not found that yet. Maybe it is in a box somewhere. The brass bowl and the brass/bronze finish on the candlesticks work well together. Both finishes work with the lamps.

I opted to keep the Christmas pine cones and faux fruit out for the winter season...or until I have another idea.
When you move things around...you have a blank spot somewhere. I considered purchasing new lamps...but I have looked around online and in stores and I have not found anything that works...at least yet. 

Since I moved the lamps off of the pine chests on each end of the sofa...I looked around my house to see what I could put on the chests that would have enough light/wattage. The height also had to be correct.
Circa 1980s solid brass lamp.Glad I kept my good brass items!
I brought two brass lamps from other parts of the house to the great room chests. Each lamp has two bulbs...and you can switch between using one bulb or both bulbs. Also, each lamp has a black shade. Brass and black...I still love it. 

These lamps date from several years ago when brass was the thing to have. After some years out of favor, it looks like "brass is back." I have one chest fixed up with a vignette to show. I will show you the other chest another time.
The lamp is a solid brass pineapple motif, with a metal shade. To repeat the goldish color I put a small urn and three golden pears on the tabletop. I also decided to use one of my silver platters. I keep mixing silver and gold for some reason. It just appeals to me.  
The picture frame is my only post Christmas purchase. I need to put a picture in it of course. I like the alligator or crocodile embossing on the frame. Do you think that counts as an animal print? 

You can see the detail of the picture frame better here. Do you see the small silver beads? I think those go with the beads on the rim of the platter. I like to repeat details this way. 
I will work on the matching chest and show you that table top soon.

I started the new year off with jumping into the master closet. I have needed to organize it for months. These last couple of days I have organized two of the four sides. I have pulled out so much stuff that now I have piles of things to organize, store, or donate. It seems that one project leads to another. I have to keep going on this cleaning binge while I can...because at some point the energy will fizzle. 

I want 2015 to be the year that I organize my house. I was working full time when we moved in and I just let too many things pile up. I think I will feel better if drawers and closets, as well as the basement and the garage are neat and tidy. I know...that is a tall list. It is not a resolution...but something I want to accomplish. Wish me luck with this...! 

I also want 2015 to be the year that I show you more Kentucky sights, artisans, etc. I will travel more with my camera and click pics for you.

Thanks for visiting.

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