January 31, 2015

Decorating with a Green Jar

I have been deep into organizing and clutter clearing since after Christmas. And by the way, where did Jan go so quickly. Anyway, amid all of my straightening up and sorting of things around the house, I played with the coffee table in the great room. I needed a break.

While rearranging the coffee table was not a huge creative project...it took my mind off of tubs, donation bags, and piles of catalogs and magazines. (I need an organization plan so as not to have to do these huge jobs.) 

Hubby has been organizing and arranging in the garage...so perhaps we will meet in the middle somewhere. Clearing clutter is such a job. The thing is, we have only been in our house for two years, how could I possibly have clutter in the short time? The answer is...we just have too much stuff. ha!

Anyway, to distract myself from my reorganizing jobs I played with the coffee table in the great room for a while. 

A few pics...

I have this great little green jar. I picked it up in Lexington I think. You know that I love greens, and this spoke to me. So, it came home with me a few years ago. I am happy that it survived "the move" because I love to display it.

It moves around the house...as I move and stage tabletops.

I moved my pretty little jar to the coffee table...just for a change. When you make one change then that means you have to move other things around to create a pretty vignette. That little dance goes round and round in a house.

The jar is hand painted...and looks old, but it is not. It is just a decorative something I picked up in my "hunting and gathering" over the years.

I put the jar on the coffee table along with some candles and sprigs of faux grass.  The green jar and the green grass bring some color to the room, which is needed this time of the year. At least I need some shots of major color by the time Feb rolls around.

Do you see the armoire behind the coffee table and green ottoman? If you look below, you can see a better picture. 

Of my non antique furniture this piece would be one of my favorites. We have the flatscreen inside, so we cannot go jumbo size. Good thing? maybe. ha!  

This piece has enough room to store my cd collection, as well as games, etc in the bottom half. It is in two pieces...which I am sure the movers were happy about, because this baby is a monster solid cherry item that was made in Louisiana by a small furniture company. 

Please do not ask me the name, as I cannot remember it...wish I could. 

This piece too survived the move very well. It got a couple of small scratches but I used a furniture stain marker to hide them. 

Sometimes people wonder what to do with those flatscreens in their living or great rooms. 

I say, hide those things...then swing open the doors when you are ready to watch something. I have a smaller armoire in my "mama cave" that has a much smaller flatscreen. 

I have shown you bits and pieces of the great room before, but I have never shown you my giant armoire. 

What do you all do with your televisions? Do you hide them, or do you leave them out? I do have an "exposed" television in the bedroom, but I do not like it. It will remain until it dies a natural demise though. ha!

Mikey always keeps an eye on me, and my progress...though he is probably thinking, "she will just move it all around later."  Still, he stays by my side, watching and waiting. Mikey is such a good boy!

When Mikey gets bored...he moves to another location, perhaps to get a better perspective on what I am doing.

He plunks down on the floor...and continues to keep an eye on things.

Mikey and I thank you for visiting. Please visit again when you have time. Also, leave us a message if you want.

Thanks for stopping by. 
We look forward to your next visit. 
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My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.

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  1. Sheila, in the third photo behind the beautiful little jar, you have a green vase hidden. Can I see all of it ? Some years back I made a beautiful arrangement with a similar vase and green and purple poppies. I regret selling it.


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