January 14, 2015

Colors and Textures in my Kentucky Life.

Here is an older post...but since I have so many new readers I thought I would share this with you all. If you have seen this before you may want to just look at the pictures this time. It is a quick look at some of the colors that I use in this "house of many colors." I can tell you that I am so glad that color is supposed to be coming back into style!

Colors and Textures in my Kentucky Life.

Today, I thought I would show you some colors and textures around my house. I made a collage to show you all of the colors in one place. Sometimes it is a good idea to make a collage of what you are putting together to see how it works. It does not have to be a digital collage. It could be a pile on the carpet, or bedspread, depending on what your project is. Place everything together and see if the colors and textures blend well. 
If you were to visit my house you would notice immediately that I am a person who must have color in her life. I have tried neutrals...but I find I must always add a splash of color somewhere in a room.
Take a look at my color collage. Reds. Yellows, Golds. Greens. Black. It may sound like a crazy mix, but it works. I am so glad to see shades of gold coming back into style...as I do like them.
I have lived with versions of these colors for over twenty years. I have of course painted rooms and changed shades. But I have learned that I like to live with a certain value level of color. I tried neutrals when we had a beach house...and found the colors to be fine, but I always liked getting back home to my deeper colors.
Take a closer look. 
Most of my rooms have a shade of green. 
Here are a few of my needlepoint pillows. I have had them for years. The red throw will retire to the linen closet soon. I usually pull it out at Christmas time.
The wall color is Benjamin Moore Westminster Gold.
The wall color is Benjamin Moore Westminster Gold.
Red Wool Rug that moves around the house.
Red Wool Rug that moves around the house.
This red wool rug moves around. Right now it is in our son's taupe room When we moved into our current house I had everything painted except for this one room. Our son, who comes home from time to time, was ok with the taupe. Too neutral for me...but I added color.
Black wool rug in my parlor.  It has all of my colors!
Black wool rug in my parlor. It has all of my colors!
I am always looking around and assessing what I want to place here or there. It seems I am always rotating my collectibles. 
Christmas Gold
While it is not Christmas right now I wanted to show this picture of Christmas "objets."  Lots of texture and shine. Plus...the all important gold and brass.
The Parlor, also known as the Mama Cave!
The Parlor
 I have managed to give our rooms touches of all of the colors I love. I know that sometimes color can be so hard to decide on. I actually have a few buckets of paint in my garage where I made color mistakes. After I put some country green in my living and dining areas...the decision was NO. This just does not work. Then there is the spa blue paint that I bought on the same trip as the green mistake. My mother walked into the bathroom and shook her head no. I had already decided that the color just did not work. I love that beautiful shade of light blue-ish, with white fluffy towels. The color just did not work. I will mention that I have hardwood floors in my whole house, and the floors affect the color of paint that works.
The only paint rule that I have been told by interior designers when choosing interior colors is to stay in the same "value" of paint in your choices. Don't mix a pastel yellow with a  deep cranberry red down the hall. If you love the cranberry red walls...then choose a yellow or gold in the same color value/depth as your beloved cranberry. Or vice verse. I can say that in my home all of my colors are in the same "value." This method lets you use a few colors...without an uneasy feeling that something is wrong. 
I am sensitive to color...and I believe that color has an impact on mood. Think about baby nurseries, schools, bedrooms, etc. You want to use a calming color in bedrooms and nurseries. And...I think of all of the school green from my old classroom. :-) 
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