January 5, 2015

A Return to Traditional Design

I was reading my January 2015 copy of Southern Living magazine a few days ago and caught a sentence about a return to traditional design. O.K. I am on board! I was so thrilled to see that because, well, I am a traditional girl.

While I can admire, and even really like other design styles, I seem to "default" to traditional as my design preference. I do not mean "colonial" which is what I used to relate to traditional. I like a traditional Southern look. I love federal style furniture, houses, and silver.  I like traditional style with a twist here and there. I am fine with a camel back sofa done in a zingy color. The color updates an old style. My Chippendale camel back sofa was originally in a citrus yellow tone on tone damask. Look at these sofas. What if you put the yellow fabric on the camel back sofa?  That would be the kind of look I would prefer! Traditional does not have to be dull and old looking. Which sofa frame and which fabric speaks to you? both are examples of traditional style.
My Chippendale camelback sofa, with oriental fabric.
pic/One Kings Lane
pic/ One Kings Lane
I enjoyed reading the article in the January edition of Southern Living. Designers came up with ten items to use if you want to have a southern traditional look in your house. I do not think that they are suggesting that you use all of the ideas, but rather that you can pick and choose the ones you like, and maybe already have in your house.

Consider the following suggestions by Southern Living if you want a traditional southern look. The title of the article is, Ten Decorating Resolutions. Very appropriate for the beginning of the year!

Source, Southern Living Magazine, Jan 2015
The article suggests that you begin with the three "Cs" to get an instant Southern traditional style.

1. Chinoiserie plates, fabric, wallpaper, décor pieces.      
2. Chippendale style furniture     
3. Check fabric, wallpaper, etc.
4. Valances for Windows
5. Latticework 
6. Garden Stool for a side table
7. Animal Prints for some wow
8. Wall Treatments (paper, upholstered, stenciled, murals, etc.)
9. Portraits, yours or a strangers.
10. Upholstered Doors.

source, One Kings Lane

1.Chinoiserie refers to items with an oriental flavor.
2.Chippendale refers to a specific style of furniture.
3.Checks, as in Buffalo checks.
4.Valances as opposed to full window drapes.
5.Lattice work...wallpaper, or wood versions.
6.Garden Stools remain strong for use indoors or out.
7.Animal Prints could be zebra, leopard,ocelot, etc.
8.Wall Treatments are anything other than plain painted walls.
9.Portraits of ancestors, or others, can lend a feeling of tradition to a room.
10.Upholstered doors like you might see in a restaurant.
example of traditional style, source, One Kings Lane

In my love traditional I have to be careful that my "traditional" home could become old and dowdy looking if I do not do updates. With our clothing...if we do not add style updates to our wardrobe from time to time, well, we can start to look frumpy or old. I guess a home's interior can become frumpy and old too.
example of traditional style, source, One Kings Lane

What I think, and hope is true, is that if my furniture is good quality and has good bones, then I can update a room with accessories, drapes, valances, pillows or rugs. If I go with this theory, then I can use my old wing back chairs as long as I have a timely fabric on it. Same thing with window treatments, etc.
In using the checklist of ten items above I have looked around my house to see how many items I might have to qualify me as having traditional southern style in my home.

Chinoiserie on china. check.
Chippendale legs on wing back chairs and camel back sofa. check. 
Valances. Yes, I have three custom made valances in the house, with the possibility of two more if I can figure out what I want in son's room. check.
Animal prints.  I have several animal print pillows in the great room. check.
Portraits (of children.) Though not old they are large with gilt frames and they are portraits. 
No garden stool. No lattice. No special wall treatments...Yet. No upholstered doors. 

I hope I have enough to make my house qualify as southern traditional style. I probably will not be adding any lattice or upholstered doors, as those just does not appeal to me. I could see adding some large buffalo checks on pillows or a comforter for son's room. I love animal prints, so there is the possibility of adding more touches here and there. 

If you want more details on the "return of traditional style" check out the Jan issue of Southern Living Magazine.  

I will be talking about traditional style off and on in 2015, so be sure to check back...or better yet, enter your email to subscribe (in the sidebar.)

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