December 14, 2014

Decorating Tabletops for the Holidays.

I thought that I would show you what I have done to a couple of tabletops for the Christmas season.

This is a hall table that gets transformed from time to time. I pulled together some gold and bronze items for some holiday "sparkle." 
The brass bowl is an item that I have had for years. I like using regular home décor items in my Christmas arrangements. The small golden angels have been with us for years. They are actually ornaments...but I always place them around on a tabletop in some area of the house. They are part of our Christmas memories.
The oversized wire urn is one of two old shabby items that I have. I almost spray painted this guy with black paint, but so far have held off. The urn is new...but made to look old, as if it has rusted and been painted. The neat thing about my wire urn is that it comes apart about where the green ribbon is. That lets me put pine cones, or faux fruit, or a mix of both inside. It is kind of odd looking maybe...but I use it among my traditional pieces. It is on display most of the time...however the location does change.
The green ribbon is May Arts....from online. Maybe Amazon. It is a very soft taffeta looking ribbon when in fact it is nylon. I love it.
You can see the finish on the wire a little better in this photo. Very rustic. It does not bother me to put something as decrepit looking as the urn on a mahogany table. 
What would I do without my faux fruit? 

The angels are just simple little tin and wire ornaments...but they have become special just because they have been with us for so many years.

Hoping on to another the great room...
This is a pottery urn...and for this arrangement I just "plopped" a decorative ball into it. Both the urn and the ball have a little bit of gold finish that gives them some "sparkle."

I have two pine block front chests in the great room which serve as end tables. So great for storing odds and ends. They have enough real estate on top that I can place a few decorative items on them....besides the reading lamps.
The next bit of sparkle would be on the great room coffee table. Just several glass balls....with a sprig of red berries.

If you have toddlers or small children the glass balls might not be the best accessory to have on a coffee table. But, other than that you should be ok. I always try to think about any safety concerns when showing you ideas....My curious little people are now all grown up, but I remember those days of always watching what could hurt them, or cause an accident. 
Tabletops are high rent districts in that they are where you can place some of your pretty Christmas items. I think that all of these tabletops will be appropriate through New Years Day...except maybe the angels.

Thank you so much for visiting...and please come back as soon as you can. 

I love to hear from you. I read all of my "comments" so please let me know if you like my ideas, or if you have a question about something I have shown on the blog.

Until the next time,

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