December 6, 2014

Christmas in the Parlor

A few more details in the parlor...

I seem to make changes to a room right after I have written and published a post. I cannot guarantee that I will not make any more changes to the parlor. But If I do, I will try to show you the update.

You have seen my blue and white Spode and decorative pieces before. But this time I am using them for Christmas. Just something different for me this year. Once I put red ribbons and ornaments against the blue and white...I liked it. I really liked it. Then I wondered just why I had not tried it before. hmmm.

Here is how I adding some red balls, red ribbon, and a pine cone or two. At this point I try this and that then stand back to look. Do you do that too?

I added some silk amaryllis to the china pot. 
I will probably replace them with real amaryllis. (Mental note to self...remember to buy some bulbs.)

I added a couple of wreaths to the mirrors. In this picture I used door wreath hangers over the mirror frame. I have since added large suction cup hooks to the mirrors so that I could lower the wreaths. It was bugging me having them too high.I think that wreaths with pretty ribbon is one of the best/easiest ways to to make a room look festive.

This pic is a little bit crooked...but you get the idea.

I have two small flower pots inside the larger pot. I got lucky that they fit just right.

This room is so cozy (small) that I do not overload it with decorations. Just a few simple touches of Christmas work fine in here. Notice that I have no problem using plum and red together? The floral chair fabric has red and burgundy in I figure adding Christmas red is OK. 

The Noel ornament came from Dollar General this year. At just one dollar, I wish I had bought a few more of their word ornaments because when I went back they were all gone. 

Lots of crafty ladies hit the Dollar General in my town and pick items quickly. I need to get quicker. I must be missing out on some great stuff. ha!

I have some Christmas CDs ready to load...
so I am ready to relax and enjoy some quiet time in my cozy parlor.

This is my first year to use blue and white as part of my Christmas. I think I like the contrast of red...ribbons, ornaments, and amaryllis, with the blue and white patterns.

I have a few more pics...but I think this is enough for now, so that my post will load faster for you. More later....
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Have a great day!

So glad you took the time to visit.

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