December 15, 2014

Byers Choice Caroler Collection

Hello everyone. Are you surviving the seasonal whir of activities, shopping, and baking? I hope you are. Take a few minutes to look at my carolers...and step into a fun world of collectibles. 

Today I thought that I would begin showing you my carolers. I collected them for a number of years at the rate of one per year in most cases, ...and then I tapered they take quite a bit of space to display and to store the other ten and a half months of the year.

This is my hunt couple with fox. In Kentucky there still are some hunt clubs that carry on the English tradition. 
I love the attention to detail that is done on these hand made creations. Their mouths are open for you to imagine that they are singing...thus they are "Carolers." In some ways they remind me of the French Provencal Santons. There is a personage for almost every possible villager! 
Their riding jackets are patterned after the ones that people wear. He has a horn and she has a riding whip. Both look quite smart!
Both jackets have a small berry and holly flower. I am impressed with the lace blouse and the braided leather whip. Her skirt is a moiré type fabric. Each is wearing the appropriate hat for his/her costume.
We had to have the fox of course. Also note the riding boots for the mister.
I am not sure...but I feel that the heads are a sort of papier-maché. The lady has tissue paper around her wire legs....Sorry Miss, I had to look.
I have a few other "village" people to show you later.

Here is a link to the Byer website if you are interested in seeing more. 
I have no affiliation with Byer...I just love the Carolers. in fact I just returned from spending a few minutes there.

Thanks for visiting today,

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My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

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