December 2, 2014

A Holiday Home Tour... in Lexington Area

 I have a friend in the Lexington, KY area who has graciously permitted me to show some of her holiday decorating ideas. There are beautiful table settings as well as lovely Christmas trees.

The young family who lives in this house has a wonderful family .friendly home. Beautiful colors and style. I will let the next few pictures give you a look at their Thanksgiving for adults and one for children. Both are lovely.
Let us start with a nice fall arrangement.
This is the centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table. Look closely to see the iron candleholder! Morgan created this stunner of a table setting ...and it says elegant, fall, comfortable, and stylish all in one.

Round tables are great for conversation during dinner parties. But look closer...round place mats are the perfect shape for round tables. (Have you ever tried to use a rectangular place mat on a round table? It just does not work.) I love everything about this table setting. Morgan has skillfully used color and texture. Fall colors from the candles, to the wood, to the napkins. She incorporates texture from place mats, wood table, iron candle holder, and the leaves and pine needles in the centerpiece. The light colored plates keep the table setting from being too dark.

Lovely toile wallpaper sets the mood of the dining room also. I like the copper colored cachepot.

And...what about this beautiful French hutch! Gorgeous! The wood and hardware are so perfect. Note the plates and julep cups too. This style is perfect for a home in a country neighborhood that is just minutes from Man-O- War...and  they can get to Keeneland or great downtown restaurants in a few minutes.

Here is a closer view of the julep cups and a bowl. You can see how beautiful they are too.

This table was the Kids Table for Thanksgiving. Looks pretty good don't you think!  Morgan used the same design elements as her more formal table though. She has color and texture through the pumpkin colored napkins, wood of the table, and the sheen of the china/ironstone.  Again she used light colored plates which stand out against the dark wood. The centerpiece is a formula that I use....tray or plate as a base, then add items. I love that the flower arrangement looks larger through the use of long wispy feathers and sprigs of berries. 

Thanksgiving has become a time of transition for our holidays. Did you have Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations out at the same time? I know that I did...and Morgan did too. So, I want to show some of her Christmas pics too. And by the way...I want the art above the mantle when she no longer wants it. First dibs! Just saying.  :-)
There is so much to talk about here at the fireplace. Color and texture are present in the great room too. Dark walls. Stone. Black firescreen. Rustic wood mantle. Copper on the hearth. Iron poker waiting to be used. The stone reminds me of the color of rock that was used to build so many Kentucky rock fences. If I knew my stones/rock better I might be able to tell you what this is. This is a very tall fireplace and is able to use a large piece of artwork. Everything is in proportion which makes the mantle décor looks great. 
The topiaries are a nod to Christmas with their red plaid bows. I love items that can be used any time of the year, and can be made to look seasonal with a ribbon or two.

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St.Nicholas soon would be there. I always say..."you have to believe," and I do!
The beautiful Christmas tree is in proportion to the fireplace and ceiling, which makes it look great. I just love this tall family tree. It stands out well against the dark walls in the darkened room. So pretty! 

While proportion is not something you might normally think about...if it is not correct, you sense it. You feel that something is just not right. Visual proportion is something you need to have great design. If you have a twenty foot tall room and you use a six foot Christmas will seem visually off. So, pay attention to the scale of your items when designing any room.

Look at this Top Hat Christmas tree. Such cute ideas here.
And the daughter of the family has her own colorful Christmas tree that looks great up against the brightly painted walls. This corner looks festive and happy!

Morgan has designed an elegant, comfortable, family friendly home. But then Morgan is an elegant lady who is friendly and it would be natural that she would have a home that is a reflection of her.

I want to thank Morgan for letting us take a look at her lovely home and decorations. Maybe we can come back again sometime when she has some other design ideas to show us. :-)

You may leave a message for Morgan about her lovely design ideas by entering a comment below. I am sure she would love to hear your kind thoughts.

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My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

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