December 1, 2014

Welcome Guests With a Festive Door & Windows

Christmas Wreath on Door
 I think that a wreath on one's front door is a wonderful way to welcome guests anytime, but especially at Christmas. We go one more step and put wreaths on all of our house windows too. We started the habit when we lived in the Georgian house with its very symetrical facade of 19 windows (including the dormers.) We were way off of the road, so the wreaths needed to have some size to be seen by anyone driving by. We still have the same wreaths, so that is why they are larger than most wreaths. The first Christmas in this house I was not sure. I thought maybe they were too large. But this year I am over it...and I like them. After fluffing all of the greenery and bows...up they went. We use jumbo suction cups. If put up in the right temperature they stay up. We have one problem window on the side of the house where the suction cup keeps popping off, but we hope to resolve it somehow. ha!
Last year I had new bows the others were smashed from being in storage. I hope that these will go another year or two. Maybe I can make pretty bows by then if I practice a lot.
christmas Urn on Front Porch
One other thing I would like to show you is my large urn. Just a few short weeks ago my urns held summer flowers...and then the weather turned on a dime, so I created a Christmas urn.  I left the iron cage stuck into the dirt. Then I took one of my extra wreaths and put it down over the cage where it rests on the top of the urn. Right now I am stuck and have not figured out what to do with this. Lights maybe. Red ornaments? I hope that one of you has a great idea so that I can finish the urn/wreath/cage combo. I also have a second one on the other side of the door. They looked naked right now!

I dressed up the two plain wreaths on the front porch by weaving in a strand of silk holly and berries.

We have a brick entry gate down at the road where we also put a couple of wreaths. I want the neighbors to have a close up of my "festive" look. :-)
I will share a trick that we used for the garland around our front door. The garlands are very nice ones, but I still wanted a fuller look. Originally there were two garlands going around the door. Then I wired two more garlands back to back to the first garlands which created a double strand garland. Both of them have there is extra twinkle too. What you are looking at around our door was made with four strands of lighted garland.

Once you step through the front door of our home, you will be greeted by the Christmas tree that we placed in the front entry hall.
Golden retreiver and his Christmas Tree
I forgot to say that Mikey will most likely greet you too.
He loves visitors!
Wishing you a festive time decorating your home!
As always,

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