November 10, 2014

Sparkle and Shine for Holiday Design

I am leaning in the direction of using "sparkle and shine" for my holiday touches this year. But, we will see where this actually ends. Sometimes I start in one direction then take a 180 turn in the process. Here are a few of my silver glass ornaments in the basket above. I love the shine of the silver mercury glass look whether it is an ornament or a votive. 
I design my holiday touches for the house in a trial and error way.  OK, it is haphazard. Maybe there is a more orderly way to decorate a house for Christmas, but, I pull out my pieces...bowls, trays, spheres, glass balls, greenery, bows, ribbon, santas, Christmas ornaments, etc., and I start playing. I try this with that and that with this. I stand back and look, and sometimes I start over. You can see the beginning of my staging process below. It starts out a bit messy, but it is part of my creative process. I pile things together and then begin playing/creating.
I picked up the mercury glass votives from Ballard's Designs after Christmas last year...then I found some almost like them at the local dollar store. Go figure! I will look at the dollar store first the next time I want a trinket. Anyway, I have a mix of mercury glass votives from different places. They all work together well.  

At the moment I think I am going with silver and golds this year. Time will tell though. ha!  I am wanting to use things I already have to create tablescapes and touches around the house. I do have the new mirrored tray shown below, and my mother gave me a sparkly Eiffel Tower ornament. So, those two items nudged me into going in the "sparkle" direction.

I will probably change the items on display from time to time before I am always mixing and moving things. I will try to keep you posted. :-)
I spotted this mirrored tray as I was walking down an aisle in TJMx. (If you are one of my regular readers you know that I have a weakness for trays.)  I kept walking because I was on a mission to find something. I found "it" then circled back around to the shelf with this mirrored beauty. I stood there and looked at it. I picked it up... heavy and sturdy. was low enough to interest me. I wondered if it was too glam for my very traditional house. I have a tendency to be conservative...and let someone else do "glam." But this tray was pulling me in...should I go with it? 

While I was holding the tray and trying to make a decision, another shopper walked by and slowed down, looking at the tray. (I think she was stalking it and waiting for me to make a decision. ha!) We chatted about how pretty it is, etc. And that it is a really great price too. There was only one! I put it in my basket, admiring my pretty glam treasure. I thought I would try something, well, different. Let's see if I can pull off a glam look in my house. 

I have seen trays like this hold everything from stemware and crystal decanters to bathroom accessories. Surely I could find a use for this  little treasure. I decided that it would be a wonderful accessory around the house...and that maybe I should try glam, just once.

 I love the mirrored look. 
It adds just a little bit of sparkle and shine.
My tour Eiffel adds more Sparkle.

And my silver ornaments add even more sparkle.
I guess that Christmas and the holidays are a good time to make the house sparkle and shine. 

I can add some traditional red and green to the mix too.

And one last look at even more sparkle...My votives will work well this season. 

Here is a tip for you... when you are using candles. Put some sand, or epsom salt, in the bottom of the votive cup. When the candle drips the wax will settle onto the sand. You will have an easy clean up of the votive since you can toss the little bit of sand and the melted candle. I usually try to have at least 1/4 of an inch of sand in the votive. Sand helps to even out the bottom of a container too.

I believe this is how I will use the tray this year...with twinkly votive candles flickering off of the silver and mirrored finishes. This vignette will work through New maybe I will not change it up too much between now and then. 

After the holidays I may use my mirrored tray to display some julep cups. (I like to buy/have items that can be used year round, instead of just at Christmas.)  My mother used to give me a pewter julep cup for Christmas or now I have a few. I can see it now. Derby, (first Saturday in May) here we come. But for now...I need to think of the Christmas season.

Hey, maybe I can do glam after all! :-) 

Thanks for visiting.

Until the next time,

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