November 17, 2014

PineCones and Fruit Filler.

Christmas is a process.

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don't know about you, but for me the decorating of my house for Christmas is a process. First I put away all of my "fall" decorations. Next I bring things up from the basement...that takes many trips up and down the stairs. Then I make a huge mess all over the great room floor by staging all of the tubs and greenery there. I have to see all of my items before I start placing things around the rooms. Even then, I take the vignettes apart and try again. are a few images of my process. 

Designer Dog, is hard at work here. 
He is guarding a bag of faux fruit. 
I use the word guarding loosely.

Here is a wood tray with my candlesticks. You know me, I have to start with a tray (or plate) it seems. 

The candlesticks have been with me for a few years, and they have become a regular part of my Christmas décor, though I use them all year. (Williams Sonoma Home, several years ago.)They are easy care alternative metal, aka aluminum. The glass hurricanes are so delicate that I always worry that I will break them in the washing process.

Hubby suggested that I try my gold tree candles in the hurricanes. Good idea!

Here is the first layer of fruit/pine cone filler.

Designer Dog is working hardin the background.

I add the bag of faux fruit to the tray. 

I am not talented enough to take pics of glass...and not have reflections. 

Here is the finished look. It follows my vignette formula: tray + candlesticks + filler/fruits = pretty vignette/centerpiece

I think that this vignette would work fine for Thanksgiving and fall with plain pillar candles instead of Christmas trees.

While the sanded fruits are mostly fall colors, I think that they work just fine for a traditional display.

I add a couple of Christmas ornaments to the mix.

Ta da! Christmas@MyKentuckyLiving. 
One more thing done!

The question is, how long will I leave this arrangement before trying something else on the great room coffee table? This will stay until inspiration strikes for a new mix of decorations.

I will be grading papers and drinking lemon and spice tea. 

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