November 15, 2014

Out With Fall In With Christmas

Hello everyone. Here is an update on prepping for Christmas. I have been clearing out my fall colors so that I can begin Christmas decorating in earnest. I have to wipe the slate clean before beginning another season I guess.
During the summer I had orange pillows on my white sofa, and orange flowers in a vase, as well as a large orange ceramic candlestick on the coffee table. Those have been retired to another part of the house until it is time to bring out those oranges again...I certainly hope that this year's orange fad is not over, because I have a small stash of orange items. Loving orange so much right now!
I now have just the items in the parlor/sitting room, aka mama cave, that will work with my Christmas décor. The gold silk pillows will be fine, as will my black needlepoint pillow.
Last year I used gold toned decorations in this room...but this year I am thinking about using silver. I may blend gold and silver items this year, but I am just not sure. Since this room is a little more formal, I like to carry out that same feel with my decorations. (I will keep the cute Santa cookie jar type things in the kitchen area.)
When buying/using home décor and entertaining pieces I like to buy things that can be used any time of the year. I usually purchase white or ivory candles whenever I buy new ones because they can be used any time of the year. That makes it easy at Christmas time. I do not have to buy red or green candles that are just for Christmas. White and Ivory candles are always elegant.  If I buy scented ones I prefer vanilla. (Allergies are not as affected by vanilla for us.) So, I am good to go with candle light for the season. 

I do not purchase "Christmas themed" items so much any more. (I have had plenty over the years.ha!) Now I like to buy things that I can use all year, but then make them fit into my holiday decorating scheme. I have white china and ironstone, both of which work very well with traditional Christmas colors, or other seasonal colors. I have white and ivory tablecloths mostly, as they work so well with most table settings. I do purchase colored placemats and napkins for a splash of seasonal color. 

I use shades of red or green ribbons for my touches of holiday color in the house. I weave it into greenery/garlands/wreaths. I tie bows around glass hurricaines, etc. Basically, I will tie a bow on about anything that will stand still for me. :-)  
My blue and white pieces also work well with the Christmas season. They are very traditional, and I can use red velvet ribbon on them. Win. Win.  I will probably add some sprigs of holly, or possibly plant red amaryllis bulbs in the  blue and white planter. Last year I hung wreaths on each mirror above the sofa and I will probably do that again this year too.
When coming back from campus today I noticed that three of the houses in our subdivision had begun the outdoor process of Christmas decorating. Door wreaths. Bows. It starts small, then it grows house by house down the street. 
We had a wonderful few days in south central Kentucky with warm temps. The leaves are mostly off of the trees around my house. But, according to the weatherman, there is some cold weather headed my way. All I can think is..."Oh no!" I want the holidays, but I want it to be warm too. 
I found my spools of wide red ribbon, so I am ready to begin attaching ribbons to this and that. It will not be too long until I will start playing Christmas music in the house...and sipping spiced tea. It is just hard to believe that time is flying so fast. Where has this year gone?
It will still be a little bit before we put up a tree, but I will begin putting a few Christmas touches around the house. I will share pictures as it happens.
I want things to be simple and easy this year. We do not have large holiday open houses, or parties like we used to when we were in the large Georgian house. That alone makes the holiday easier. 
I have begun shopping for gifts, and I have a handle on that. I will have about another month of classes before the semester of course I will have research papers to grade, tests to grade, and then grades to average. After that I will be on break just like the students. "Wahoo" as they would probably say.

I want to do some baking this holiday I did not do any last year. I meant to, but time got away from me. When I make candy, cookies, or such I tend to nibble each. I used to make pounds and pounds of old fashioned chocolate fudge...when I had kids in the house and I had parties. I would also make dozens and dozens of bourbon balls...made with one of Kentucky's finest.  I have lost ten pounds since last year...and I do not want to gain it back, but I do want to do some baking and candy making. I will give it to friends, and let them have the calories! And they will say, "thank you." 

Thanks so much for spending a few minutes of your day with me. Come back again when you have time to visit.

Until the next time,

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