November 3, 2014

Making the Transition With Boxwood Topiaries

Making the Transition With Boxwood Topiaries 

I have gathered up the few Halloween decorations that I had around
 the house and taken them to the basement...and now I am down to this one bowl of pumpkins! They should be good through Thanksgiving...except that I really feel like getting started on staging the Christmas decorations that I want to use. And when I say "staging" I mean sorting and making piles of items that I want to use...and then later placing them about the house. This is no small I am sure you know. 

If you are someone like me who has been married for many, many probably have piles of various colors, styles, themes, etc. When we were thinning out things for this last move...I just could not part with the many "kid" ornaments and decorations. They hold too many sweet memories. I have an ornament that each of my kids did in elementary school at different times. It has a school picture in the middle of a personally colored wreath or decoration...then snapped together with a plastic cover 
that the teacher must have given them. Yes...I put those on the tree last year...even though my children are in their thirties. 

It will be a little while before I have some Christmas tablescapes and decorating ideas for you...but I do have one tabletop to show you today. It is just a simple little transitional tabletop. I already have planned how it will become a Christmas tablescape. But then my ideas do change, and often. 

I love boxwood, and I love topiaries. So when I ran across these two simple topiaries at Tuesday Morning at a very reasonable price...I put them in my basket. I thought that they were dried or preserved boxwood...and would just sit around and be a pretty green all of the time.

When I checked out, the young man asked me if I knew that my topiaries were real. Real? Surely not. I saw nothing real about them. I thought that they were preserved.  He told me about a larger boxwood wreath that a lady bought and then some time later brought it back because the green leaves turned brown. I am kind of wondering about what he is telling me. Then he showed me the tag on the topiary...and it says to mist the boxwood once a month. 
Hmmm. I was not sure if wanted to have to care for one more thing in my life...but I looked at the tag, and yes it said to mist it once a month. I bought the pair and put them on my kitchen table. But before that...I took my misting bottle and gave them a good shower. The last thing I want my leaves to do is to turn brown. I am not sure how all of this really works...but the clerk said to mist them. And the tag says to mist them. So, I will mist them... once a month! 

The leaves look real, and they feel real.  My little topiaries will probably sport some red ribbons for Christmas. I am teasing you so that you will come back to see what I do to them.

I located my French style wire basket and put some other green items it to make a more complete centerpiece for the farmhouse style table.

Then I remembered...Oh, I need my dropcloth table runner to go with the rustic flower pots, and wire basket.

This table runner is a homemade item. After cutting the size that I wanted I sewed a small stitch all around the perimeter of the fabric, about an inch from the edge. The slow part is pulling out the loose threads to create the fringe. I am considering having our monograms put on the ends...just thinking.

I have also thought of painting a design on the fabric with fabric paint. I will surprise you one day with something. Maybe this is what they mean about the creative reels from one idea to another. 

Here is an idea for you that you might like. Years ago,when my mother-in-law was still living, she had the whole family to her house. That also included her nieces and their kids. She put a plain white cotton tablecloth on her dining table (with a pad underneath.) Then she had a few permanent markers...and asked each person to write a message or at least share a thought, then sign their name. Now...I guess we would use fabric paint markers. We still have the tablecloth and it is fun to look back at the messages. She went back 
later and embroidered over some of the she liked to do needle work.(We also have a fall tablecloth with matching napkins that she embroidered, and used at Thanksgiving) Holidays and memories go together!

I love having green items in the house as they are also adaptable to Christmas decorating. Things that are Christmas "only" do not get as much use. I also like to have white platters and plates. They work well with any holiday. More about that later.

I will have more posts about Christmas decorating as we inch closer.

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