November 19, 2014

Christmas Plans & Projects

Christmas Season Plans & Projects
I know that we still have Thanksgiving on the calendar....but, I am already working on some Christmas décor projects. I do not mean to rush anyone but I am in the groove on making centerpieces and displays. 

There will not be any Thanksgiving dinner at my we are gathering at our daughter and son-in-law's home. If you could see my house right looks like a tornado went through it. Our son came home and helped his dad carry the wreaths and tubs o'stuff from the basement. The great room is full o'stuff and little green crinkles from the wreathes. What a mess! I just want you to know that there is a real life behind the scenes mess in my house right now. It is not picture perfect all of the time, though I wish it were!   :-)

The dining room table is serving as my work area...since it is the largest unused flat space in the house. The mess that I make while making the house pretty drives me nuts...but I will just have to deal with it. I have berries, silk holly stems, pine sprigs, ornaments, tubs, sacks,etc. I feel like I started a florist shop in my dining room. I have stuff all over the place. :-)

Every year I pack up my collection of this and that after Christmas and by the next year I have forgotten how I used it. (I will have blog pics to go by next year.) So, every holiday season I start over making table vignettes, flower arrangements, etc. I like the creative side of playing house. 

Here are a few of my far.

My side-kick, Mikey, is taking it easy while I work on projects. He is a loyal companion...and the biggest sweetheart. Such a gentle soul!
Things are coming together nicely. My plan is to have all of the creative work done so that I can do some baking and cooking later. I like to be able to relax and enjoy Christmas. That is my plan anyway. 
I would like to put this basket of holly on the floor, but my golden retriever Mikey likes to try to nibble the red berries off of the stems. I have to supervise him like a little kid so that he does not get anything in his mouth. He has done it a couple of times and gotten sick. Mikey is like a billy goat and will try to eat anything. He does not bother any other Christmas things though. Just those red berries.

I am going to digress a minute to tell you a funny story about Mikey and our Christmas tree. This happened when he was just a puppy. We lived on the farm, and I think it was Mikey's first, maybe second,Christmas. We worked with him and he house trained quickly. I was in the house and saw Mikey walking past the Christmas tree where he slowed down...and raised his leg. I let out some kind of loud sound that startled him. Fortunately I was quick on the uptake and called his name...I stopped him before any leaks happened and ushered him outside asap. (So thankful to have put all hardwood in our house when we built it.) I still remember Mikey and the Christmas tree, and chuckle when I think about it. 

The same sort of incident happened when the Christmas tree was stored in the basement. We left him in the basement when we went somewhere for a short time. Guess what? Yes, he used the tree in the basement for his fire hydrant. It was a tile floor so no big issue. But we really had to watch Mikey around Christmas trees for a while. Now he is a mature 11 1/2 years old and does not offer to water the Christmas tree. But I still kind of watch.
I put this basket together just using stems of holly and then adding a red ribbon.
I think that adding pretty ribbon to objects is one of the easiest ways to make something look festive. 
I hope that your plans are falling into place...and that you have time to let the magic of the season catch up with you. The man in the big red suit is working on his project deadlines that the little ones in your life can experience some magic too. Seeing Christmas through the eyes of little ones is so much fun. 

Pace yourself. 

Enjoy some turkey first though.

And eat enough dessert to help carry you 
through the rush of projects.

So much more to come!

Have a great day!


My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.

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