November 7, 2014

Becoming acquainted with my new oven...and making chess bars !

Becoming acquainted with my new oven!

Oh, this metal box is an oven. (you probably all ready know this) You can tell it what you want to do...if you push all of the right buttons. This is what I had to tell myself! And...if you do not do it like the oven will beep at you until you do it correctly.
Our son told me on his last visit home that he really likes my chess bars. So what did I bake for his next visit home? I baked some chess bars, aka gooey butter cake for him on his birthday! 

I know, you are thinking so what is so hard about that. Nothing really, except for the fact that I have not practiced much with my new oven. There I said it out loud. I used to bake all of the time, really I did. Hubby and I just do not need to eat too many baked, if I do not make them we will not eat them. 

Since we became empty nesters I just do not cook like I once did. We bought the new stove shortly after we moved into the new house two years ago, and I have to admit that I have not learned how to program everything on it. It is one of those fancy electronic ranges.To use/start the oven there are several buttons to push on the electronic keypad. Push oven. Push convection or not. Enter degrees. Push start. Push button to set timer. Enter number of minutes, etc. Not like the old days of just turning the dial to "bake" and turning the degree dial. I have to be tech savvy just to bake something. ha! Oh how the world is changing!

Anyway...I got the oven turned on!  I mixed up a gooey butter cake and baked it just right. I sampled a little corner just to make sure though. I was not taking this goodie anywhere, so I did not worry about sneaking a sample right out of the oven. It would stay on the counter for self service . It was for son who came home for a couple of days for his birthday. We have been slowly making it disappear square by square over the last couple of days. Sugar and butter make wonderful ingredients...(though not healthy. ha!) 

Look at that clean oven...a sure sign of little use! :-)

Butter, Sugar, Eggs....Yum.

This is my little bitty sample. Yum.

The plates are also little bitty hors d'oeuvre plates from TJMaxx.

If you have never made chess bars/ gooey butter cake I highly recommend this recipe. There are also several variations of this basic recipe, such as chocolate bars, caramel bars, etc. This is not a Kentucky recipe...but one that many of us make for taking church, to a new neighbor, or to someone who needs a hug and a pat on the back. 

My recipe box is still in a storage box I had to resort to an online recipe. I recognized the ingredients and I wrote it down on my recipe tablet. I have several recipes on this little use until I find my recipe cards. 

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