November 24, 2014

Another Christmas Centerpiece...Sort Of.

New Christmas Centerpiece

Well, it is sort of new.
In a previous post I showed you a centerpiece...with a large glass hurricane filled with gold glass ornaments and a green satin ribbon.
I have already changed the look. I pulled out the gold ornaments and added my lime green ornaments and pine cones.

I apologize for the shadows and the lighting...the great room is dark unless I turn on a lamp or overheads.

My mother used to use this table as her desert table when we had Christmas at her house during the years. There is a leaf that comes up and makes a great buffet. I like the old table under the historic print.

You can see some of the filler in this shot. There is a glass cup built into the center of the gigantic hurricane. For safety, I only burn a candle in this when I am in the room. I also use a very tall candle...for safety, and for appearance.

I put the centerpiece on my great grandmother's cherry table. I added a few sprigs of silk holly to the vignette also. I have to keep anything with faux berries away from Designing Dog. He loves to get too close and he tries to nibble them off. He does not bother the Christmas tree or the ornaments. He just has a thing for plastic red berries.  So...I cannot not have anything down within his reach. It is sort of like child proofing a home for a toddler. 

I am keeping with my plan to purchase no new decorations / items...I have more than what I need in terms of Christmas decorating. I sure do not need to add more to my stash. I am trying to keep things simple this year. I think we are even going to use the small Christmas tree. Last year I was up on a ladder trying to decorate the 9 1/2 ft tree. I have reached the age where I think more about being climbing ladders, etc.

I switched out the greenery to see how this version would look.

I like this version and will most likely keep this one for the duration of the holiday season... Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years.

Here is the first version. Pretty. But I just wanted more green in the room. The walls are gold and you would think that the gold ornaments would be just right. But, I just felt the need for the green.

What do you all think?  
Do you like the green ornament version 
or the gold ornament version?

Thanks for stopping by.


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