October 25, 2014

Taking a walk with Designer Dog

If you do not know Mikey let me fill you in. He is our furry baby that joined the family over eleven years ago. He was born at a lake house on Lake Cumberland as one of a litter of five male puppies. 
Both of his parents were registered golden retrievers...and show dogs. When I filled out Mikey's papers I incorporated the names of the parents plus my name. So...

Let me introduce you to 
Lady Sheila's Major Mike E.
Lady was in the mother's name.
Major was in the father's name.
Sheila...my name.
Mike...the name our son liked. 
(Son's middle name is Michael)

So...we took all of those names for a little six week old puppy and decided that Mikey would be his familiar name. And he has been Mikey ever since. He is a wonderful boy! Dare I call him a boy at eleven years old?  He has trained his family well. He is also one of the best companions...but we may be a little biased. We are head over heels in love with this furry guy. And, he gives us unconditional love every minute of every day. Ok, I have gushed enough. I am just a proud dog mom. 

Mikey is wonderful with small children too. He has earned the good dog award by helping a little boy at the groomers. The boy wanted to pet a dog, but the other dog, a larger one, barked at the boy and frightened him. The groomers told the crying boy that he could pet Mikey...because Mikey would not mind. Then, without being led, Mikey walked over to the little boy and put his chin on the boy's shoulder. Ahhhh. I call that intelligence!

We can read and understand most of his efforts at communication with us. Nose pointed to the door handle means I want to go out....or in. Prancing about frantically means that he has seen another dog out in his yard. He wants to go out to claim his turf. He feels free to spray my bushes though. Now I have to replace bushes with dog tolerant varieties, if there is such a thing. He will let the squirrels take over the place for some reason. 

We have noticed a few behaviors lately that seem a little OCD. Maybe it is just his getting older and he wants things the way he wants them. He wants his food and our food...so we have to closely monitor that. If he drinks half of his water he wants the bowl to be immediately refilled. Same thing with his food bowl. All in all, his good points greatly outweigh any little quirks.

The weather was so nice the other day 
that Mikey and I decided to take a 
walk around the house and enjoy nature.
Mikey likes to sniff everything.

Some of our trees have leaves and some do not.

While this grove of trees is not on our property I get to enjoy their colors from my back porch. 
We live in a beautiful neighborhood. 
Everyone has a pretty yard.

This is one of the few pictures where Mikey's nose is not sniffing the ground. 

This is one of our front trees. 
I think it needs some shaping....maybe next year.

 This is the view from my front door. 
I love living in the country.

And another one of our large trees. 
I love trees too.
This pretty tree is across the street.

This is the driveway that makes me stay home when there is ice or snow. We are on a small hill, which is wonderful for catching breezes on the porch. But when the icy winter comes calling...we can get stuck at home. We sold our four wheel SUV this summer. Now, we have front and all wheel drive cars...but the idea of sliding into my brick or the neighbor's pool does not appeal to me. I just stay home on those cold slick days. Oh my...I just don't want to think about winter coming.

 More sniffing.

 My mums are still in bloom.
Mikey is dashing off to check on something. 
He can still step lively at his eleven years of age.

We are in the back yard now. 
Such a pretty view for us.

The rocking chairs are still on the back porch. 
I think we will have a few more opportunities 
for porch sitting. 

How fast our babies grow up! 
We lived on the farm when he came to live with us.
After our outing Mikey decided to take a rest.

Mikey and I want to thank you for stopping 
by and walking around the yard with us. 
Happy Fall Y'All

Until the next time,

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.

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