October 3, 2014

More Pumpkins and Dusting

See my messy coffee table? 

We have to start somewhere....

Here is a picture of real life at My Kentucky Living.  The coffee table is asked to do so many tasks...more than just being a pretty place to serve coffee. (Since we downsized I have to work without a "study/office" to house the computer and office things.) 

I start out with a pretty table after I dust and put things back 
where they belong, but...as the week goes by things start to pile up. Books. Pens. Mail. Charger cords. Laptop. Scraps of paper with notes. etc. I am the guilty party.  I lay this and that on the coffee table. Here you can see my laptop, iPad, and cell. Yes it is messy. Yes...I am wired. I have to keep my devices nearby in case a student emails with a question or concern. I also have to admit that I spend my fair share of time on my iPad. So, anyway, at some point I have to clear the decks and clean away my clutter and my dust. When I am 
motivated and have the time I start playing house as I do my 

This is the great room, and this is where we tend to drink coffee, read, watch television, etc.  In the larger house we had more rooms and more places to leave our things. Now...well, it is here and in my face. ha!

I grabbed a can of pledge and a dusting cloth and got to work. As I began the dusting I had to move things off of the tables. 
This is where the work slows down and the playing house 

I started with a large basket and put some magazines and pumpkins in it. I stepped back and decided that the basket was too large for the table. Off it goes.

Next I tried this little combo. Ok, but too tall for me to see the television over these elevated pumpkins. 

This vignette suits me for the week. I brought an orange candlestick from the sitting room, and a basket with grass from another location. I will go with this version, until the next time I dust and play with this tabletop. 

The next victim of my Friday dusting and rearranging is the pine block front chest. It had a nice vignette, but since I was moving things I wanted to try a new combination. Here are 
some pics of the one that I like. It is more pared down than the previous look. Sometimes simple is refreshing. Notice I said "sometimes."

These are my new ceramic candle holders that I found in a nearby town. I love lime, pear, and apple greens almost as much as I love orange. I have not found the right size candle to fit them yet...but I will. I actually think that these look nice without candles in them. I also added a little pumpkin since it is that time of the year. Here are a few more views of my new vignette.

I just love how the artichoke leaves look in ceramic.

Sorry about the black router...but I need it, vignette or no vignette. Life vs Design!

Next I moved to the hall table. We have "been there and done that"...but here goes another one. I did my dusting and moving of items. Then I started rearranging. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get a tabletop to look just the way I like it. There is no magic ....just playing with the placement of items. You are creating a pleasant visual. Look for balance and height. Most of all have fun and be happy with your creation. 

Even though I purchased the green ceramics recently, I am on a mission to try to show how one can decorate and design by using the things I already have. Every once in a while I purchase a new trinket to freshen up the look around the house.  

This brass bowl held a huge floral arrangement when it was on the dining table in our other house. I would say that the brass bowl is circa 1990 ish.
The crackle vases are also older. They were on the mantel of our vacation house at Hilton Head. 
Of course I want to have a nice full bowl of baby pumpkins for their lovely orange color.  Yes, they are faux. I do not what I will do when I have to put away my orange for the Christmas holiday. I guess it will reappear next summer, or maybe next spring if I can live without it that long.  :-)
I will survive!

I also added a few items under the hall table. 
This is an old Kentucky crock with an old copper pail inside of it. I have had the old crock since the 1970s, but it is much older than that!

I also added these items under the table for some visual interest and to go with the old crock. I am just trying this look. I am afraid that dusting around these things on the floor might be too much work. But it looks good!

Happy Fall Y'All ...here's  to dusting and rearranging. 

Thanks for stopping by to see the results of my dusting and rearranging! There will be more such events in the future.

Hope you are having a great day!

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