October 5, 2014

Fall...It Finally Came.

Fall,It Finally Came

I have been in full swing getting my mums, pumpkins, and other fallish things around the house. I have been making the fall transition despite the fact that it has been pretty warm/hot during my prep work. It was certainly hot the day I picked up my mums and pumpkins.

Then one morning we woke up...and it was fall. It finally arrived.  We had a wonderfully crisp Saturday and all of a sudden I felt like it was indeed October. 

The wind was blowing the leaves off of the trees. Mikey (our golden) does not like wind. While blowing leaves may be pretty...I know what the bare trees look like once the leaves have drifted to the ground. Just not as pretty! 

Take a look at the blanket of leaves creeping toward the house. At least it is not snow or ice! Can you tell that I am dreading the cold grey days of winter? I know...for everything there is a season!

 Do you see the red leaves going up this tree? It is pretty...but I do not mess with any vines for fear of poison something...ivy, oak, whatever! Let's just say I had a very bad experience with poison ivy several years ago, and leave it at that.

Back porch days will be coming to a close very soon. Although we usually have a warm snap sometime in the fall...which in my area is called Indian summer. I won't take the chair cushions to the basement just yet!

So...back to my story.

We decided to take advantage of the cool weather and go to the storage unit and do some more pulling and tugging of boxes to see what wonderful things we could bring back to the house. 

It is almost like Christmas as I find things and go...oh yes! Or, there it is! I am so glad that made it out of the house. (We lost many things do the fact that our house was "looted" before everything was out.) 

I also had some wonderful friends who came and helped me during the packing stage...so I knew that various things had been packed, but I had no idea what was in what box. As we only moved the basics into our "between" house the other things went into storage.  And now,  I am finally finding and rediscovering my old stuff. 

This weekend I found the tub that contained my pie plates, and various pottery bowls. Wahoo! We also found some little things that had been tossed into crazy places as we boxed things up. Moving out of a house that you have lived in since 1984 means there was so much stuff. 

I am a pack rat...or I was a pack rat. I saved the kids' Lego sets, Playmobile sets, school papers, dolls, etc. Unfortunately those old sets were lost to the looters...and they cannot be replaced. If you collected some of those items you know what I mean! 

I stayed busy all day. I was washing blankets, dishes, serving pieces...about everything that we brought to the house. I have a system. We leave things on the back porch for the day, or overnight. I take dishes and such straight to the sink or dishwasher for a hot water bath. 

As for the blankets, towels, or jackets that have been in tubs a long time I wash them in hot water, and then dry some in the dryer and dry some on a hanger in the fresh air. I have a process! I just need things to be  washed...even if they were clean when packed.

Here are a few pics of my newly found dishes...and it seems each one has a little story or memory attached to it.  Most of the time I can remember where I bought it and why. The large green bowl was made by a Kentucky potter. I love Kentucky pottery...but that is a story for another blog post.

I tend to use this large bowl for salads or fruits.

I picked up this large shallow bowl at Marshalls (according to the sticker.) I love the design around the edges. My plan is to display this in the kitchen when not in use. I picked up some very large iron display easels and they are here somewhere. 

If you look closely you will see the raised floral design. 

And here are my Fiesta pie plates! I think the color is called lemongrass. I love these...mostly because of the color. 

These Fiesta pie plates are not expensive and they are just the right size to hold a large fruit filled pie. 

I like to buy pie plates in twos, because when I make a pie...well, I just I usually make two. I make such a mess when I cook that I hate to waste the opportunity. Two pies. Only one mess to clean. ha! Also, if I take two pies somewhere I like for my plates to match. 

I ordered these pie plates from Belk a couple of  years ago when I needed pie plates because my others were in storage. Then I lost where I put them between moves from the "between" house to this new house. I guess there is humor in that...but not sure. Hmmm...

I love these inexpensive white deep dish pie plates. Firstly, because they are white.(my everyday dishes are white Italian Countryside) Secondly, because they are very deep. And thirdly, they actually come in handy when I want to bake a small casserole or dish for just the two of us.  

Also...I love white plates and serveware. I am just a lover of dishes. I know that some of you have the same affliction. I try to be very selective these days in what I drag home. I have more than I need of most things anyway. I gave away lots of bowls and platters while packing, so that thinned out my stash a little.

This aluminum bucket is a handy item. I have used it for several things besides keeping a bottle of something cold. I have no idea who made it. I have some Mariposa as well as Beatriz Ball and love them. But, this little no name guy looks pretty good in my black-white-stainless kitchen whether it is full of stainless or wood cooking utensils.

This turned into a longer post than I intended...but I had so much to "show and tell."

Let me know what kind of serve-ware, dishes, or platters are your favorites. There are so many gorgeous items on the market these days. I can be happy with a Spode or a no-name. It just depends on the design. 

Has it turned cooler where you live? i.e. has fall finally arrived?

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Fall Y'All
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