September 20, 2015

Fall Decorating With A Chippy Tray

Since it is fall I thought I would pull out this fall post from last year. You all know how I love to do table arrangements starting with trays. 

green distressed finish tray

If you were not following my antics last year...this will be new to you. And if you have been following me...well, this is just a reminder/review. ha! (Leave it to old teachers to have review lessons! ha!) 

You may not have a tray exactly like mine...but find a tray that you have...and dress it up for fall. The nice thing about a tray arrangement is that you can move it around the house. 

I have not ventured into the chippy chalk paint trend...until now. This is my first "chippy" item.

I actually ordered it because of the shape and size, and not because of the rustic finish.  

My Kentucky Living Blog

I tend to love fine wood finishes...but I thought that a tray was a way to experiment with something "chippy" in the house. I have thought of painting the tray black...but I will play with it in its original finish first.

Many of you also know that I use trays as the base of many of my centerpiece/table arrangements. I find that beginning with a tray of some sort makes a great base for creating interesting and fun arrangements. 

This new tray has higher sides...and that is the reason I purchased it. The higher sides will better hold pumpkins and pine cones...or Christmas balls and baubles. 

For today's project I put an iron candle holder inside the tray. If you do not have one like mine...then use what you have, maybe three single candlesticks. 

My Kentucky Living

After putting the candleholder in the tray I added various faux fruits...including pumpkins, and my wooden sign....welcome to the pumpkin patch.

I continue to add more a layering process. I poke small items into the holes between larger items.

My Kentucky Living Blog

I add in some berries and silk leaves too. Floral pics are good to use in an arrangement like this. You just stick them into a good spot. 

My Kentucky Living

Of course...when you have candles in arrangements you must be very careful and never leave it unattended. I know you all know this...but I just want to make sure. :-) We do not want any accidents.

my kentucky living

green chippy distressed tray

This tray is not as substantial as I thought it would be. It might be mdf or it seems too light for wood. Like I said...I wanted it because of the style and size. It works just the way I want it to. It may get a paint job at some point....a black paint job, with some rubbed gold touches. 

Thanks for visiting me today...and seeing how I created my small pumpkin patch. I think that a tray or a large platter makes great base for creating vignettes. Also...if you want to move it...just pick it up and move it from one spot to another. 

There will be more arrangements in this tray over time...and of course I will show the pictures.

I watched the leaves blow off of the trees today. Their floating down to the ground was beautiful, but I really prefer leaves to be on the trees. 

But, since I cannot change the seasons I just have to accept the fact that fall is here folks...which means that Thanksgiving and Christmas are not far behind. 

I was in a small shop today and the workers were putting out so many Christmas things. Plates. Platters. Ornaments. Trees. Placemats. Their open house is right around the corner. Oh My! Time is flying by faster than I can believe. 

Thanks for stopping by...and I hope you come come back often. 

Until the next time...


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