October 9, 2014

Designing a Guest Bedroom

Ready for guests...

We have been in our house two years and I am finally ready to show the guest bedroom. 

This room has not been a priority like some of the other spaces. This is the smallest bedroom in the house, which is fine for a guest room. 

I picked out a camel color when we were repainting everything before the move. Benjamin Moore Rattan (AF 375). I was not sure what direction this room would be going...so I just chose the camel since it was one that I liked. 

Since we did the paint color first I had to find a fabric that I liked that would complement the camel color. (also the paint changes color depending on the light in the room...as does the fabric.) 

Have you ever had a paint color goof?  Well here is a good idea for you. 

A good test for any color that you are considering is to have either a fabric swatch and/or paint board in the room and check out the colors during each part of the day. 

I even suggest studying the color swatches for a few days. You may love a color in the light of day...but when you switch on lamps in the evening the color will look different, and you may not like it. 

Try to make sure that you love your color at all times of the day or night.  I made that mistake once with a dark green in our old house. Loved it in the day, but not at night. 

Here is a peek at my new window treatment. 

I have to tell you that I am so pleased with how this turned out. It was made in Lexington at Interior Yardage on Southland Drive. 

The quality is excellent. The workmanship is perfect. (And I am picky!) I have no affiliation with this shop. This is the first time that they have done a custom order for me. I have been in the shop to purchase bits and pieces of fabric for my own projects. 

This is a P. Kaufman fabric...and it has been discontinued. :-( I am so sad about that. (I was all over the internet trying to locate more. Rien. Nada.) 

My original intention was to have long side panels...but there was not enough fabric for two nine foot panels. I dropped back to just having a top treatment made because I loved the fabric so much. 

The designer that I was working with suggested adding some trim to the bottom of the treatment to dress it up. We looked at several, and this camel and black tassel number spoke to me. I have touches of black all over the house, so this touch of black in the room works well. 

The jabots are self-lined.

I love that this Ikat pattern is bold, but because of the color it is also subtle.

I went to my stash of bed linens...and decided to use the black damask comforter at the foot of the bed. 

The bedspread is an older colonial style matelassé that I can easily launder. I like a full sized spread because it covers everything-pillows, bed, and under bed. Then I pile on the pillows and comforter for the finishing touches.  

I already had all of the pillows, as well as the cherry four poster bed, dresser, and chest. They were brought back from the Hilton Head house. 

The only thing new in the room is the window treatment. I like that I can mix and match items that I already have. It is amazing how much a window dressing can change a room's ambiance. 

I fought the lighting in most of these pictures. 

I took pics at various times of the day to try to make some winning pics. Just know that I did the best I could. ha!  

Kim from Curtain Queen Creates suggested that I try taking photos at night. I did that...and you can see the window treatment better.

I moved the accessories around, and back and forth. I will probably keep working on staging this room. 

I do plan to bring some of our prints into the room. I just have to decide where to hang them. I hate to make holes in the the wall...so I am still thinking about which prints will go into this room. 

We have some Paul Sawyer (a Kentucky painter) prints that might do well in this room.

This is a loose arrangement that I made. I thought I would try it in this room. I have to have a pop of color somewhere in a room. 

I have been admiring the trend of painting wood...but my love of cherry wood keeps me from getting serious about making any changes. (I have white painted kitchen cabinets...so that will have to be my nod to painted wood in the house.)

Do you see the cherry box on the dresser? 
It is beautiful... and It has a secret.

It was made by hand by a fellow Kentuckian.

Look at this clever design...

It is just the right size for small trinkets. 

You can see the bedspread and comforter fabric a little better in this photo.

Should I put a print over the bed? 
Should I put a print over the tall chest? 
Should I put a print to the left of the window? 
So many things to decide. 
I will show you after I figure out the details. 
No promises yet on when that will be. :-)

This is the daytime view from the bedroom window. There is no house directly across the street...so we have a pastoral view.

The black damask comforter is a linen fabric on one side and a soft cotton on the reverse.

Here is the window treatment fabric. It is a substantial nubby linen texture. There is just enough left for me to make a couple of pillows. 

Next on the list of projects to do!

Here is the night view of the room. I think it looks warm and cozy and ready to receive guests. We live in a very quiet neighborhood in the country...so it should be a nice place for guests to catch some zzzzzs. 

I will add some reading material, a cd player and tunes, as well as lotion, tissues, and "chocolat" when I prep for guests.

I am still playing with the accessories for this room. 

And here is another look at the star of the show. I am giddy happy with this window treatment. 

And did I mention that my son-in-law did the installation? He has hung other  rods, drapes, blinds, and window treatments for me. And he does a great job! Thanks B.

It is about time to wrap up this show and tell. 

Time for me to post this and say "Bonne Nuit."

Guest bedroom post update...click here.

Thanks so much for visiting.

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