October 18, 2014

Plan a Halloween Fright Night

Hello everyone! I have an older post that I thought I would pull out of the moth balls to share since we are in the Halloween season. You all know that I love to create tablescapes with my dishes and accessories...and this buffet table was fun to put together! Maybe you will get an idea or two. 

"Fright Night" Halloween Buffet Table

If you have kids or grandchildren you are probably already in the midst of making costumes and planning their parties. It seems to me that more and more adults are celebrating Halloween with their own parties these days. I have been to a couple of memorable ones in past years...and they were fun. 

While I do not throw any big bashes much these days...I am thinking about a having a Halloween "Fright Night" Movie and Buffet Party. You know...one of those parties where the food is casual, the friends are fun, and the frights are at a minimum! (Costumes certainly would be fun, but they are optional.)

Feel free to use and adapt my party plan to suit your own small party. I am thinking about showing the old Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds. The first time I saw that movie was when I was a kid...and those birds scared the stuffing out of me. I have since seen a few minutes of the movie...as an adult...and it is not nearly as scary to me. Movie technology...well, it has come a long way! 

Do you remember that feeling you had as a kid...when maybe going downstairs in the dark when everyone else was asleep? Did you scurry a little faster to get back upstairs? Or maybe you thought that monsters lived under your bed, or in your closet? Well...just because we are all grownup does not mean we are home free in the "scaredy cat" feelings department. 

In order to be well fortified for such a frightening movie experience I would/will suggest some protein foods, something sweet, and a glass of witches brew. Also...have someone special nearby whom you can grab if you get really scared! Planning is everything when it comes to having a successful Fright Night!(If you think of other things that would help one survive...let me know asap.)

(This is just for fun. There is nothing dark and/or evil intended. I learned from my time living in Europe that Halloween/All Hallows Eve was in fact a time where folks dressed as scary characters in order to scare away any evil spirits before All Saints Day/ Toussaint on November 1.)
I put together a simple menu that is printed on the invitation. This is a sample one that you can follow...but of course put your name, address, and phone number on yours. 

I created this invitation by editing a regular photo in Picasa. Click to edit and add text. Choose the font and size. You may have to play with it to make it fit on your image. Pick an image that is not too busy if you plan to type a message on it. If I were actually sending this invitation I would include more details. Who. What. When.Where.

This week I picked up a black table runner at TJMx for my stash and thought it would make a good base for a Halloween tablescape. I also picked up two linen Halloween tea towels. From there I started pulling things together on my dining room table. I wanted to create a glitzy sort of tablescape....an adult Halloween table. I have the menu in mind...so that puts me on the way also. 

Whenever I have a dinner...Thanksgiving, Christmas, or other...I pull out my dishes the night before and plan the placement of everything. Well, I thought that I would do the same for my Fright Night Halloween Buffet. With trays, bowls, platters, and beverage containers...one must plan the best placement on the table for folks who are serving themselves.

While my sign says "Trick or Treat" I can promise that there will be no tricks,.....or will there?  

For this table I am using my Mikasa Country Italian salad plates and cocktail forks for the nibbles. I chose to use white serveware along with my "alternative metal" pieces. I am going for a black-white-silver Halloween ambiance here.

The pieces that look like silver are not...they are aluminum serveware by Beatriz Ball. (I have been collecting for a while.) They can go from freezer to oven, and make great pieces for baking and serving foods. For cold sandwiches I freeze the platter until I am ready to put the food on it. No worries about sandwiches warming up too fast.  On the other hand if I want to help food stay warm...I pop the platter into the oven and heat it up until I am ready to put the food on it. Works great for hors d'oeuvres!  This serveware is not precious like silver. No polishing twice a year. No worry about saving it for "good." 

Entertaining is so casual today. Stainless and not silver flatware. Plastic and  glass for beverages instead of crystal. Also, we stand around with our plates of food and mix and mingle instead of being seated at a long formal table. We really do not have the Downton Abbey formality of years gone past. 

I love my little black witch on her broom...just trying to find a place for her on the table.

I use my cake plate to elevate the pumpkins...and add some height to the centerpiece. Various levels on a table helps with visual appeal.

I will use the small covered casserole for making baked pimento cheese dip. (Just found the recipe online last week.)  I will serve pita chips and crackers for dipping. 

I plan to have a platter of fresh cut fruit and cheeses also.

Here is a peek at my creepy linen tea towel...
spider venom. 

I thought that the crystal wine glasses would add some glam and be good for wine or a "witches brew" punch....not for anyone under 21! 

The wine bucket is also aluminum....keeps things cold too.

I pulled out some cloth napkins in case someone might want a more substantial one. Cocktail napkins have their limits. The napkin rings are also silver tone, with a semi beaded edge. The tag said that they were hand made. (Found them at Dillards this week.)

Are you brave enough to come to my fright night? Let me know by leaving a comment. 

Thanks for visiting. I hope you found some ideas to use for your own "fright night."

Until the next time,

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