October 28, 2014

Another Halloween Tray

Welcome....my pretties

I have been at it again...I created another centerpiece based on a tray. This isn't any old tray...well maybe it is. This tray was a wedding gift to us way back in the 1970 s. It is quite representative of a "colonial" style that was popular back then. This tray had an American eagle printed on it. Since I pulled it out of a box I looked at it for a while and could not decide whether to donate it or to try to reinvent it. I chose the latter...at least for now.
I sanded and prepped the tray before painting it. I bought a couple of cans of satin spray paint this summer for a project and decided to spray paint my eagle tray with the leftover paint. I have transformed a couple of other small items with black paint too...and generally like it. I have touches of black all over my house, so a black tray will fit in very well.          
This guy still needs some more paint...but for this quick little design it will be fine. I am thinking that I will eventually mod podge some paper designs onto the tray since it is not completely smooth. Stay tuned for me to one day finish the project. 
The first thing I did  to start this centerpiece was to lay black some deco mesh in the bottom of the tray. I wanted it to sort of poke out for a layered look. Next I put the large items in, and after that I added smaller pumpkins, and then topped the whole thing off with a couple of fuzz covered plastic spiders from some dollar store....Just using what I had!
This is a tried and true method for me...using a tray as a base for a table centerpiece/vignette. 

So, the donation bound colonial tray has a new lease on life with the black spray paint. After a few more tweeks to the finish and decorating it with something....it will be back in regular use around the house. 

This will wrap up my Halloween projects for this year. I may have a couple of more fall items...but to be honest with you, my brain is already beginning to think about Christmas projects. It will be here before we realize it. 

Wishing you a happy, safe, and fun Halloween with all of the young ones in your family.

Thanks for stopping by.

Until the next time my pretties!
http://www.imdb.com/media/rm863667200/nm0002121?ref_=nmmi_mi_all_sf_16 (wizard of oz witch)

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