September 14, 2014

Tile for the Guest Bath

 Am I Done? Or Not?


We are done with the bathroom refresh, unless...I change my mind about something. Do you ever head down one path...and then mid or post project you turn down a different path? I like to think that that is just part of the creative spirit...deciding something different midstream. Hopefully there are no bad diagnosis codes attached to this behavior. And on the other hand...are we ever finished with our houses? We just move over to the next project. 

When we moved into our new house we had the whole house repainted, and I tried to predict the finishing touches and that I could feel confident in choosing colors that would work with my future projects. (Window dressings, rugs, etc.)

I have been working on the hall/guest bath little by little. I thought It was finished...until we decided to have the original tile pulled out. Yep...I took the plunge. I know that this is drastic. Dust. Dirt. Noise. Mess. I just was not in love with the original tile. I thought and thought about it. Finally I just decided to go forward once I found the marble. Until you actually find something...the whole subject is just theoretical. Right? Ok. I made it real when I paid the fifty percent down! When money changes hands...the deal is ON! 

Now...Back to the things I have done in the smallest room in the house! It is a full bathroom... so I had to think of fabric I might want to use to "hide" the shower/tub. It is hard to get everything right...but I am still liking this Benjamin Moore Westminster Gold. That was before we decided to have the original tile taken out. 

Sometimes you make a decision that you are so head over heels about that it makes you rethink a previous decision. In this case, I love the marble floor so much that I am rethinking the wall color. Hubby and I discussed painting the walls a charcoal grey and how that would look great with the white marble, white fixtures, white trim, etc. I believe that my newly made shower curtain would actually go with charcoal too. It has shades of grey and black. Let's see what you think...

...Here is what the bathroom looks like now.

Topiary for traditional decor.
It has a cute topiary that adds some green to the room. 

It also has co-ordinating towels. You can see the paint color here too. I accented with gold towels and  charcoal figured towels. I wanted black print towels but I figured that dark charcoal was close enough.  

The builder faucets were also changed. I love these new curvy Delta faucets.
New Cabinet Hardware
...And I picked out new cabinet hardware.

This is an L shaped bathroom...
with the sink section being the bottom of the "L."

Here is the shower curtain made with a 
P Kaufman fabric. This fabric has some black and charcoal in it...which is what made me think of accenting with black/charcoal in here. I have touches of black all over the house, so why not in the bathroom too?
This picture shows the "L" a little better. There is no natural getting good pictures in here is difficult. I tried. I really did. Using a flash made horrible pictures, so I had to work with regular lighting. I am not a magazine I do not have any special lighting tricks. ha!

This metal "basket" came from Hobby Lobby a few years ago. I love it because I can create instant arrangements by just putting stems inside. I love beautiful, and I love easy too.
Here is one of my hunt prints. Have had it several years also...and it has black matting! 
Works for me in the bathroom. 
Better views of the floral arrangement.

OK...get ready. Here is my show stopper! 
Here is the new marble tile, with crisp white grout. The grout and marble have been sealed...
so I hope that there will be no issues with my keeping things white. I am scheduled to have another coat of sealant one day this week also.

When we scheduled the tile job, I told the guy at the store that I wanted his best installers. He said that I would have to wait I did. These young guys were great. And I am happy with the job. They have to come back again to put more sealer on the honed marble...but we are basically done with the job...unless I decide to take the marble up the walls. Still thinking about that. It would look I believe. Of course that would mean more dust, dirt, noise, mess, and money. We shall see. 
Honed marble tile
(Don't let the artificial light fool you...the white is bright white. The gold walls, and yellow light bulbs make the tile look yellowish in the picture. )

Honed vs Polished.
I had a hard time deciding between honed and polished marble. I went online and read as much as I could. Polished is pretty when new...but, since polished is slick, I thought that the honed would be best for my bathroom floor application. It does not have the high shine, but I would rather someone not slip... by using the honed finish. I will need to apply a new coat of sealer once a year, but I believe that I can do that. 

I guess you see the grey veining in the marble. 
This grey is what started our thinking about painting the walls charcoal. Hubby likes the idea. I think it would be a great look...but I am hesitant. If I stay with the gold paint...the room is finished. If I want a new paint color...well, there will be more work.  I will have this floor for a long I guess when I get tired of the westminster gold color I could repaint the walls...but who knows when that will be. And, would I still like charcoal then? Who knows?  This is the kind of mental chatter we "house" people do all of the time...or at least I do. Please tell me that is normal.
I have to tell you that I am loving this marble. 
I see it being very traditional, as well as timely.
 The lighting is casting a yellowish tone...but the marble is white with grey veining. The baseboard is painted with Benjamin Moore mayonnaise white.

Gold vs. Charcoal Walls
Do you have any thoughts on the gold vs charcoal walls? Pros? Cons?  Remember, there is no window in this bathroom. 
I am liking this look! 
Would I like a charcoal paint on the walls as much, or better than Westminster gold! 
Maybe I need to just leave well enough alone...since I do like the gold. Hmmm. 

So, is the bathroom finished? Or is there more to come? Stay tuned for future installments of "As the House Turns." If I should decide to repaint the walls charcoal grey, I will let you know. :-)

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