September 8, 2014

Making A New Fall Floral Arrangement

Here is a new floral arrangement for the week...

You can make gorgeous floral arrangements with just a few things from around the house that you probably already have. A vase or pitcher. Some flowers. A tray or board. Some filler. Mix and arrange until it looks just the way you want it. That is how I made the one below.

I have been slowly bringing fall colors and décor into the house...but since I used orange in the house through the summer I 
thought I could continue to use it for autumnal color too. 

I have been re-arranging and mixing containers and filler.  Here is what I created using a mix of silks and faux artichokes.

I had the wooden tray out for something else... and I was about to put it away when I thought about trying to made a new arrangement for the kitchen table. A little of this and a little of that from another container and ta da! is a new little arrangement.  

I thought that this made a good transition from summer to fall.

I will probably re-mix things again when cooler weather begins. But for now, I am still loving the strong color of orange.

This is the piece of pottery from earlier in the summer. I love the cracks in the glaze that make it look old.

And look at the pretty curved handles...

I added the fabric table scarf to add even more zip and color. I made this lined table scarf from a fabric remnant. I did not want to cut the one yard of fabric to make a table I lined it to made a larger piece. It is too small to cover the whole top of the table...but I can turn it so that it drapes over the table.

As a side note...I picked up this housekeeping book for a gift. I could not help myself...I had to browse. I love this book! Even though I have been married many, many years I enjoyed reading about the many housekeeping topics...including canning, baking, and house management. Most of us know that "housekeeping" and family "management" are full time professions. Not exactly resumé stuff maybe. But it was my choice. :-) That is another chapter or post maybe. 

Even though this is the "Bridal" edition of the housekeeping book ...I think that we older brides might enjoy this book too. I am not selling the book...but rather mentioning it in case you need a gift for a new bride, or an older bride, or yourself!

Look at this...a chart for pan volumes. I had home economics when I was in school way back in the sixties, yes the sixties, and I never saw/learned these measurements. (I do not remember seeing them in the red and white checked cookbook either.) Now I have this handy chart from this great book. You might find it helpful too.

Here is a recipe that looked good to me. I love pasta, bacon, peas, and cheese! yum.

I took a picture of this pasta recipe for myself, then thought I should probably share with you. I hope that the publishers do not mind my showing one recipe. It is kind of distorted because it is a photo of the page. Sorry.

Maybe my pretty table arrangement will encourage me to spend more time in the kitchen this week...and make the pasta dish.

Here is a peek at my china cabinet that I have just off of the kitchen. My large laundry room is part butler's pantry also. I have a couple of more ideas that I want to do in here to create some counter space. This room is not ready for prime time!

The basket underneath all of the silk ivory is a very large basket that I bought in Charleston, SC years ago when we were visiting. The basket is about 36 inches the top of this cabinet was a good place for it. I like to put items on top of furniture and cabinets to draw the eyes upward. I have nine foot ceilings in my I have extra room for baskets, etc.

Have a great week...and let me know what you are doing to bring some autumnal feel into your house. 
I have not yet started on my porches. Do you have any ideas? What 
are you doing? 

I would love to hear from you!

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