September 25, 2014

Friday French...parlez-vous Français?

Do you speak French?   Parlez-vous français? 
Yes I speak French.     Oui, Je parle Français.

You probably know more French than you realize! 
There are many words of French origin in the English language. A little history will shed light on how this may have happened. In 1066 William of Normandy conquered England. Yes, a Frenchman conquered England. Voilà. At one point French was the language of the English court. All of this happened over many many years...but many of the vocabulary words remained in English, and we use them today.

If you google "French words in English"....hundreds and hundreds will come up for just the words that begin with the letter "A." is an excellent source if you want to pursue this activity. (Calling all teachers out in Blogland)

The Market, Le marché.

(These are not my images. I found them on Pinterest and do not know the actual source. I saved these for educational purposes. Copywriter and ownership are sometimes hard to find. When on Pinterest my assumption is that they are there to be shared.)

Ice Cream.

A Pastery made of many layers of thin Pastery dough. 

Macaroons, I.e. A,type of French cookie.

Raspberry flavor ice cream.





Raspberry tart. 

La Baguette is a long slim French bread. French bread comes in many sizes and shapes. 

To Pay. 

A boat.

The metro. i.e. The subway.

The evening.

Sunset.  Literally...the going to bed of the sun.

Here is a verb lesson for you. Learn to conjugate the verb parler, to speak. And, learn the subject pronouns. 

Parler, to speak. (This is the verb infinitive.) (below is the present tense conjugation)
Je parle.  I speak.
Tu  parles. You speak (singular.)
Il parle. He speaks. Masculine.
Elle parle. She speaks. Feminine. 
On parle. One/someone speaks.
Nous parlons. We speak.
Vous parlez. You speak (plural.)
Ils parlent. They speak. Masculine plural.
Elles parlent. They speak. Feminine Plural. 

Happy Friday! Bon Weekend! 

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