September 12, 2014

Friday French...Bonjour, C'est le weekend

Bonjour, C'est le Weekend!
(all Photos/ getty images, Google images.)

I love old "retro" images of France.
Here are a few French café images that I have had in a file.
I am always saving photos for showing to my students...
and I thought you might like to see them also. 

To get into the mood...
put some old French music on the high-fi/ipod, 
grab a cup of tea, coffee, or wine...
and relax. 

C'est le weekend!  C'est bon!

Imagine that you are in France, 
maybe in Paris, 
but definitely in an outdoor café.

Do you like to "people watch?"
If you do...a café is just the place.

My Preference is an outdoor café.

The French are always dressed so fashionably. Let your café time be research time, to let you see what is in style. Usually French fashions are ahead of our fashions. When I lived in was said that they were eight years ahead of us...but that was before the world wide web came into existence. Perhaps now, we pick up on the trends and style more quickly. The few clothes I purchased in Aix and Marseille and brought back home were ahead of style.


The French outdoor café is a national institution.It can be a two table or twenty table place. No is so nice to sit, to sip, to read, and to watch people. 

(newer pic)

American bistros, cafés, and restaurants are slowly embracing the outdoor room. I am not sure that the purchase of one or two cafés would buy your spot for two hours or so in the United States, but it would in France. Time is a totally different cultural concept in France, and Europe in general. 

When I lived in France, it took me a while to slow down and appreciate a more relaxed lifestyle. About the time I learned to slow down, I had to return to the states. 

I do not know when the first French outdoor café appeared, but I am so glad that it did. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing these grainy old black and white photos, and stepping back in time.

The outdoor café more recently...

Merci pour me visiter! Au revoir.

Bon Weekend.

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My Kentucky Living

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