September 18, 2014

Bonjour, C'est le Weekend

We met our French student this evening! You see, hubby and I are serving as host parents/host family to this lovely young lady from the southwest of France. 

Our local college, where I also teach, has many foreign students who find their way to this small Kentucky town. Each student comes with many talents in sports. They play sports as a way to help pay for their college. Our student is here on a golf scholarship. We also got to meet her roommate, who is from Spain. Both are delightful young ladies.

Our student expressed that she was very homesick her first three weeks here. I explained that I had the same feelings when I went to her country as a student. Alone. Not knowing anyone. Etc.
She told me that she was able to Skype with her mother...and that helped. Back in my day, there was a cable on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean that allowed transcontental phone calls, but they were very expensive. I think that I only called home one time, on Thanksgiving day! 

Our student also expressed that she is doing better. Classes have begun and she is busy with her sport. We will have her to our house for a meal, and find places to go. It is hard to be so far from home, so I hope that we can offer her a place where she can visit and relax from time to time. 
We basically offer emotional support and kindness for our visiting students. Last year we had two boys from France. We would go to their soccer games and invite them to our home. 

For Today's Friday French I have a few pictures for you. McDonalds Français. Looks a little different from our McDonalds! Everything French just looks a little more "chic." 

Bon Weekend! 

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My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

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