August 11, 2014

Take A Look At These Lamps!

Take a look at these coffee pot lamps!

Normally one would not think that a coffee pot and lamp would have anything to do with each other...unless you see the very clever lamps that a friend's brother-in-law had made in Lexington. 

These are not just any coffee pots. They are family coffee pots. These belonged to the parents and were familiar objects in the family kitchen. After the passing of the parents...they were converted into lamps. This way they serve as family memories as well as very pretty lamps!  Don't you agree!

I saw the first lamp on my friend's facebook post. I commented about how much I liked it. She told me that her sister had one also. Of course I wanted to see that picture also....I requested the picture 
and she posted it. I just love these coffee pot lamps!  Clever huh!

There was some chatting about how much better perked coffee tastes...and that made me want to dig out my old wedding percolator. It is practically like Mr.Coffee came out with the drip coffee maker soon after we married. My percolator looks very similar to the top coffee pot. 

Right now we use one of those drip things with the small plastic 
cups. Some mugs of coffee are flavorful and some are not. I am 
trying to figure out what is going on with that! It makes sense that perked coffee would taste good since the coffee and the water have 
more contact time. 

This is a short post as I just want to share/to showcase these cute Kentucky coffee pot lamps with you. Keep your eyes open for some "retro" coffee pots out there and go make a lamp! (...and send me the pictures,)

How do you drink your brew?

Perked? Drip? Plastic Cups? Instant?

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