August 17, 2014

Making the Transition

Making the Transition to the Fall Season

This is such a busy time of the year for families. School has begun and the summertime activities and vacations have come to a halt. Mothers and fathers had to get new shoes and a few back to school clothes organized for their kids, plus shopping for those school supplies. While my own children have flown the nest...I sure remember those days. My kids were so thrilled to have new lunch boxes, and/or backpack. 

And when school begins for the kids, school begins for the parents also. I felt like I went through elem, junior and senior high school all over with each child. Oh my! Homework! Dinner! Bathtime! 

No please! more algebra, or senior essays for me! 

And there were always the stories that they brought home about this or that. I was reading Thistlewood Farm's blog about sixth grade gossip, etc. I remember exactly about that which she spoke. Seems like only a few years ago for me. My children are in their thirties, so it has been quite a few years! ha!

But they grow up and move on. I was a little sad when each child walked out the door and went to kindergarten. But, I did not cry until my daughter graduated from college. Wow... And it was a gusher right inside Norton Centre, and outside too. I still remember those words by Dr.Rousch the college president that opened the flood gates to my tear ducts. He turned to look at the graduates and said to them in the most heart felt tone of voice, "Come back. Come back often." Well I tried to hold in the tears. I really did, but there was no stopping them. I knew that my first born was on her way to D.C. for a graduate program at American University. She would no longer be at the college that was about thirty minutes from home. It was over. Life as I had known it was over. Thankfully my second born was still home with us....for another three years. Whew!

I was prepped and primed for when my son graduated high school and college. I took kleenex. I did not wear mascara. I was prepared. I was prepared for the tears of joy, and accomplishment. But I was not prepared for that "leaving" part. It is hard. are such markers in one's life. Have you noticed that it is your kids who make you understand that you are getting older. I do not mean in the way of stress making you feel older. I mean that if you have a child in the 8th grade that means - oh my gosh- you have grown older right along with them. Without children you do not have a that daily reference. 

But...I am here to tell all of you mothers of young ones that the time will come when the children will fly out of the nest. Have a cry. Have a huge cry. Just get it out. Then after that....go after those interests that you put on hold for twenty years. Sew. Paint. Write. Volunteer. Travel. Take a class. Buy a fancy camera and become the best photographer you can be! Enjoy having a few minutes to yourself. Breathe! You have earned it.

This is my pep talk for all of you mothers out there...whether you are young, or more seasoned like myself. If you are in the depths of the chaos of managing kids, school, homework, piano lessons, basketball practice, etc...there will be a time when your house becomes quiet and you will wonder what happened? Where did they go? But remember...the fact that your birdies flew from the nest, and are successfully moving on with their lives means that you did a great job as a mother. Celebrate their success, and celebrate your success. When they graduate from high school, tech school, college, graduate school, are also graduating. 

As I prep to go back for another semester...I am thinking about all of the new freshman students who just arrived on campus. There are no doubt some kids who have never been away from home. Homesickness is a horrible kind of illness. I remember what our college president said when I was a freshman in college. There was a convocation of all new students where he spoke to us. There is one thing I have remembered all of these 45 years later. He said..."if you are feeling sad and missing home, just go into the bathroom and cry, and cry if you need to." Then he said, "And this goes for you boys too." 

Our church participates in activities on campus to let the kids get to know us. We are hosting a cookout for commuter students one day. And on another day we introduce ourselves to the campus by giving out homemade cookies. These two activities give us a chance to invite them to our church. We also have van transportation.  Since the college is a Methodist church school we have quite a few ministry students. And hey...who does not like home made cookies and free food?

As the seasons transition I am probably going to be posting less frequently for a few days while I get back into the swing of another school year. 

Please remember that I will be bringing back Friday French...even if I have to post it on Saturday or Sunday. 

I will also be showing more fall decorating ideas too. 
I hope you come back as soon as you can! 

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My Kentucky Living

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