August 30, 2014

Found...My pottery from Roseville Ohio.

More Items From Storage...

I have located a few more of my special pieces...
my (Robinson Ransbottom) pottery from Roseville, Ohio. 

My bowls and pitcher are quite heavy and have been used for many years on a daily basis, until they were packed up for the move. I even gave a cousin's daughter some of the bowls as a wedding gift. I love simple pottery.  So, my pieces of white stoneware/pottery work fine in my current kitchen also. 

(I don't normally throw brand names around, but a reader commented that I was incorrectly calling my pottery Roseville. So that I do not lead any others astray with false advertising...I have edited the first paragraph to better indicate what my pottery is. :-) 

In my previous kitchen I had  these lined up on the counter to hold potatoes, onions, apples, bananas, etc. I had white countertops and backsplash with dark solid cherry custom cabinets. In my new kitchen I have just the that I have white cabinets with dark countertops and backsplash.

I pulled out my pieces and washed them in hot soapy water. As I dried each one I set it on a tea towel. I ended up with part of a display, so I thought I would play house a little and make a vignette to better show you ways you can use useful bowls and pottery to create "pretty" in your kitchen.  

I love white pottery, white ironstone, and white china. You can create country English and country French looking vignettes...depending on how you flavor your accessories.

I began accessorizing by adding some green spheres. 
I have used them in several different places around the house since I purchased them.

Next, I went to a glass container that I have filled with faux fruit and grabbed a few to place in the bowls for more color.

You can see that I still use apple green in the kitchen. My kitchen drapes have several shades of I do not have to worry about clashing, if that is even a concept these days. "Anything goes" seems to be the mantra for many. But, I am traditional in my design approach. I try not to be old and stodgy...but fresh in my traditional design approach. At least that is what I try to keep in the back of my mind.

Next, I rob my huge glass jar of more things...
pinecones, faux pears, etc.

My kitchen drapes have all of the colors that I have used in these bowls. 
Brown. Gold. Apple green. 
A pinch of orange and rust.

I am still loving my black/white kitchen work area. Remember, I am a cherry cabinet girl who is trying to work with what she has. The cabinets were in the house when we bought I did not choose these. I considered replacing them, but felt that it was being silly to pull out custom made cabinets just because I did not like the white. I had folks telling me that white cabinets were "the style" right now, so I just kept them and had the counter tops replaced with new black pearl granite. I am thinking that I will have the cabinets  painted and glazed, but that is a project I am not getting into at the present. It is an idea that I have in my back pocket though.

As you prepare your kitchen and home for fall, look around to see what you may have in the back of a cabinet or a box. Do you have any bowls that would look great as the foundation of a display? Do you have any pinecones, pumpkins, fruit, nuts, greenery, etc.? Bring everything together and play house by mixing and matching them to fill bowls. 

You could make a vignette grouping by choosing items of the same color...I have all white, but maybe you have a few blue bowls, or a few green bowls. Combine items of like color on a table, or countertop. Then put fresh fruit and veggies, or faux, in the bowls and maybe a pitcher or two to make a pretty display. Play house and see what you come up with to create a masterpiece that makes you smile and feel happy when you look at it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What you design is for you and your family. I am sure any visitors to your home will find your creation as lovely as you do. 

I am so happy that I found my pottery!
I am still opening things, 
so check back for more surprises.

Here is a full view to show you more of my kitchen work area. 
Black, White, and punches of color.

I just realized that my kitchen matches my clothes!
I wear tons of black...with punches of color.
Black tops. 
Black slacks. 
Black dresses. 
Black shoes and sandals.
Hot pink, orange, and lime green scarves, sweaters, tees, etc. 

Enjoy September. 
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