July 20, 2014

Trend Alert, Designing with Gold

After college graduation I married and moved into a small apartment with hubby near the University of Louisville. That apartment was green. Seventies green. And so was the stove, and the refrigerator, and the dishwasher.....and even the greenish stained cabinets. Heaven forbid! Enough green!

Here is my color story.

Looking back over the many years since I married and set up housekeeping (as they used to call it)  I have had gold or brass in my house somewhere. Our first sofa in our grad school apartment had gold upholstery. We also had a solid brass bed. Luckily it had been "dipped" to seal the brass so that it would not tarnish.  Our wedding china had a gold ring around the outer edge of the plates. And, our crystal had quite a bit of gold filigree too. As the decades passed I started wondering if gold, or brass, had gone out of style. I know that we should not be swayed by trends, but be true to our own style. But...I still like to "kind of" be in style. 

After graduation from our respective graduate programs...we moved into our first home in Frankfort. It was a one story brick ranch and just the right size for the two of us. We painted all of the open spaces a shade of gold that the local Sears store sold. In fact we painted all of the interior of the house...but not everything was gold. I did not have many brass accessories at that time. Just the gold paint. We did have a few Paul Sawyer prints that were wedding gifts...and those were framed in gold. But guess what...all of the appliances were mud brown. I think they called that copper brown. We bought a refrigerator for that house...and it was GOLD. 

We moved again about a year later...to my husband's county where he set up a practice. You guessed it...more gold was painted on some of the walls. Next we upgraded to a larger home in the woods...and we switched to the natural colors...rusts and browns. But my gold refrigerator came with us to that house. Our daughter's room was papered in the prettiest peach paper. That was our rustic house in the woods...and we had all of those seventies colors. Do any of you remember the tupperware colors of the seventies? Orange. Avacado. Brown. Gold. I know...I am dating myself. ha! You younger ladies may remember your mother having those "earth" colors in the house where you grew up.

A few more years passed and we built a two story family home in the middle of about eighty acres. This is where our children grew up...and where their childhood memories are. I painted the walls yellow and the wood trim white. I was going with a Southern Living look as our house was in the Southern Living magazine the year before we built it. The bedrooms were different colors...but the central part of the downstairs and the upstairs hall were yellow with white trim. I had a designer helping me to coordinate my paint selections to fabrics. I did have the house painted a couple of times during our twenty five year residence...but I still kept a Georgian look with yellow/gold walls and crisp white custom yellow poplar woodwork.  The time came to pack up and leave everything...memories, and a wonderfully built house.  We spent a year with many things in storage and our taking up residence in a rented lake house until we found the house we wanted to purchase. ....And here we are. And guess what I did? Painted more walls gold.

In our new house... I painted the main/central part of the house westminster gold by Benjamin Moore. (The painters loved BM paint.) I am back to my gold/yellows again. I have tried neutrals...and they just do not have the warmth that I need on a daily basis. At the bottom of this post I borrowed a short piece about the psychology of the color "gold."  Several match me!

This first picture shows my gold wall paint and my brass dining room light. This fixture is a soft brass and not bright gold like our Georgian house had. I picked this fixture...and love it...but harbored a feeling that maybe brass/gold accents had gone out of style. You can't imagine how pleased I am to learn that gold accents are trending right now. Yeah! I am still digging for my brass candlesticks, etc. (side bar...have you checked the prices on "vintage" brass out there right now? high!)

Brass lighting and gold walls. I can use my black  clip on shades lined in gold for a more dramatic look.

Here are my matching gold leaf frames from our Georgian house. I still love these and am happy to have found a home for them in the new house.
gold framed mirrors in sitting room.

Colors that appear in nature make great design inspiration. I saved this pic for two reasons. 1. The gold color and 2. The lovely Paris Park.
The golden colors of fall...warm and cozy.

And here is my golden retriever. 
I guess you can also see my gold lap blanket in the background too. 
I am just a gold fanatic!
My "golden" retriever Mikey

These mirrors and vanity are not mine
...but an inspiration pic that I found. 
Gold is warm and inviting. Additionally gold is a rich color to use with natural woods like cherry.
google images, gold framed mirrors and brass lamps

This gold frame and matching brass lamps belong to me. All of our prints are framed in either gold leaf or black frames with gold touches.
Matching Brass lamps, Gold Framed Print

Here is my grandmother's tea/coffee cup....trimmed in gold.

Hear is an example of an acrylic framed in black with gold.

I like the design of this old brass door knocker. I imagine it could be cleaned, but then the patina would be wiped away.

Old Brass doorknocker...

I found the next two pictures showing how gold accessories can be incorporated into ones home. 

I see several DIY inspirations here. We have a gold letter "E" similar to the finish on the W below. If you have any wooden letters...would you be interested in painting them gold? There are so many new metallic spray paints these days. Browse until you find the one for you. You could spray paint picture frames, trays, or lamps. 

Look at the golden layers of pastry. 
You cannot go wrong with golden colors.

I love this lamp with the black shade. 
The gold has sort of an antique/brushed look. 
I tend to use black shades also. 
They look really good in contrast to the gold walls.

This lamp shade is metal, with a shiny finish.
I like the modern vibe. Gold / Brasslamps come in all sizes, shapes, and styles.

While my personal preference is traditional style...
sometimes I like accessories that lean a little modern, like the lamp below. 
I  really like this round base lamp.

This brushed gold light is a little too modern for me...but I wanted to show that you can find gold/brass in any style.
www.wayfair.com  www.wayfair.com

This light fixture makes my heart flutter a little. 
I think this would look wonderful on each side of a fireplace, or maybe on each side of a dressy vanity mirror. 
www.wayfair.com www.wayfair.com

I find this geometric lamp attractive also. 

Here is a lovely living room that has used several gold touches. Gold framed mirrors, and prints. And...Gold finished glass coffee table. 

Black lampshades with gold linings offer dramatic light for a room. I have some small clip on shades for my brass fixture at the beginning of this post. Just changing the shades makes such a difference in atmosphere.

The next two lamps have ornate gold/brass bases but have squared shades. I think that these lamps could go in either a traditional or modern setting. I like to shake things up a little by having something unexpected in a room. Do you ever do that? I love putting something a little sleek and modern in a traditional space.

Now, if you are in love with the color gold as I am...here is a little list of  items about you, or gold lovers. I have several of the traits listed...but not each and every one. Test yourself to see how you fare in this color quiz. I have included the link in case you would like to learn about other colors and their psychological traits.

If Your Favorite Color is Gold

  • If gold is your favorite color, you radiate charisma, personality and individuality, making others feel relaxed and valued in your company.
  • You are a loving and compassionate person who shows great personal warmth to all you meet - others feel empowered when in your presence.
  • With your magnetism and your positive outlook on life, you draw people to you who aspire to your level of success.
  • When living to the highest level of the color gold, you often exhibit great spiritual qualities, seeking and giving unconditional love and understanding to all you meet.
  • As a personality color gold you relish the attention, respect, warmth and friendliness that you tend to receive from others in return for your kindness, compassion and love.
  • Anyone with a personality color gold loves luxury and the best quality in everything - luckily you tend to be very successful, seeking and acquiring material wealth throughout your lifetime.
  • With gold as your favorite color you appreciate life completely - with your optimistic attitude you are not happy to passively sit back and wait for things to happen - you must be an active participant.
  • As a personality color gold, you have a sophisticated approach to life with high ideals and standards - you know exactly what is right and what is wrong and endeavour to follow the right.
  • Wise and successful, yet practical and honest, you are achievement oriented with high expectations, dreams and desires.
  • With your leadership qualities, you love to share your wisdom and knowledge with others.
  • You are reliable and genuine, trustworthy and authentic, when living positively under gold.
  • You have a cheerful, outgoing and friendly disposition - totally happy within yourself and it shows.
  • You tend to be a good listener and attract many friends, giving your warmth, friendship and love, as well as your time and energy, generously and unreservedly - you accept, respect and appreciate the worth and importance of those who become your friends.
  • Unfortunately you will also attract some false friends who are attracted to your success, wealth and charm.
  • You are quite selective and discriminating when it comes to choosing a life partner - quality is as important here as it is in the rest of your life.
  • Your passion and enthusiasm can be your ruin as you take on too much, causing you to be stressed, anxious and overwhelmed.
  • Of course there are some who live falsely and negatively under the influence of gold - the fake gold's.
  • If living on a negative side of gold, you may find it difficult to trust others and you may fear success and wealth.
  • You may also have unreal expectations - fool's gold.
  • Negatively, you may be overconfident, with a superiority attitude, and conceited with an inflated sense of self-worth.
  • Source http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/personality-color-gold.html

I would love to hear from you about the colors you use in your home.
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