July 12, 2014

Summer Obsession With Orange

I have to confess that I do not know where this week has gone. It flew by in a flash...and I can't say I really accomplished much. I had two "out of town" days where I was running errands. I stopped at a local carpet and tile store to look at tile for our hall bathroom, aka guest bathroom. The current tile is not to my liking...so I am looking around to see if there is something I might like.

The tile adventure will be an interesting one. I want to replace the floor tile, and I dream of also adding tile about four or five feet up my wall. Of course...I can always pick out the most expensive products without even looking at price tags. (A gift I guess.) I prefer to find what I really like...then if it is pricey, waiting and saving my dollars instead of installing something I just sort of like. I do the same thing with with most other areas of purchasing too. We will see where the tile project goes! I am really liking the white on white look because it is so clean and classic. Also, you can repaint and change towels and have a completely different look. The salesman was showing me lots of new trends in wall and floor tile...so it is nice to be educated on those as well. Once I have this project nailed down I will share with you.

Another stop I made was to find an oval grape vine wreath for my front door. I usually have round ones, but I noticed some oval shapes in my neighborhood and I wanted to try one also.  I found the shape, the ribbon, and a length of berry garland at a the Treasure Nook.  The sales clerk tied a double ribbon for me out of orange burlap and a copper metallic ribbon. I came home and attached the garland with florist wire. Then I went to my hoard of silk flowers in the basement. (I keep all silks and recycle them to other uses.) A light was out in my hoarding corner...so I could not find the deep orange flowers that I wanted to use, but I did find some lighter orange/yellow summer flowers. Continuing to tinker with the wreath...I added the light orange flowers.They are OK. But I will be replacing them when I locate my other orange flowers. (You know I have an obsession with orange this summer! ha!)

After opening the front door and stepping inside you see the sitting room...with even more orange...

I made another stop at a wonderful little shop in Russell Springs...Griders. It is home décor heaven. I saw so many trending items there. Burlap. Ceramics. Crystal. Fashion jewelry and purses. Beatriz Ball. Placemats and napkins. Prints. Pillows. Picture frames. I could go on for ever. I purchased a small piece of pottery that has an old ironstone look...complete with crackle. I will show that to you the next time.

After our stops we went down to Jamestown on the lake and had a quick lunch at a place where we went when we were living on the lake. It is a small Pizza place...and I had their baked spaghetti. Right now I am asking myself why I did not take a picture for you all. hum! Maybe the next time.

All of that being said...I had a very busy week, but not much shows. Sometimes it is like that. I will need to spend the next few days playing catch up around the house. How does an empty nester house get messed up and dusty? Well... Mikey, the golden retriever, has a little responsibility in that department, but really how does it happen?

I have been working with some other flower arrangements...and they are sitting on my dining room table in various stages of completion. I am not sure what someone would think if they came to my front door! This is part of being in a downsized house. There are not any extra spaces for a craft room, etc. Here are some pics...as I am always practicing with my camera. I have so much to learn with this DSLR. I am truly a rookie! But, I keep on playing with it....as I love it!

Hubby was recruited for a part in The Sound of Music production at the local college. They have been practicing for about three weeks...and the show starts tonight. He was asked to be Captain VonTrap, but preferred a smaller role. He gets to play a German admiral. The actors are children, college students, an English professor, a helicopter medevac pilot, and a retired judge. The play is directed by the theatre professor...and the stage manager is a theatre major. It should be fun.  I am looking forward to their opening show tonight. I hope to take some non flash pictures and will share a couple with you if they are good enough.

That has been my week! Busy...but not much to show for it. I usually have a great vignette or two to share. I thought it best to share with you that my creative juices just did not have much opportunity to flow this week. House work? Nada. Rien. Zilch.  This reminds me of the cartoon I once saw about the hubby returning home from work and the house and kids looked like a tornado hit the place. Being concerned...he asked his wife "what happened." She said..."you know all of those things I do (that can't be seen,) well, I decided to not do any of them today."

Ta Da! How many of you can identify with that? :-)

See you next time. Thanks so much for visiting!

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