July 19, 2014

Requests to see more of the Parlor

Hello everyone.
I have had some requests to show you all more about the parlor. In the past I would show you a tablescape, or such. So, today is the day that I will give you the full tour.

The parlor is "my" room for the most part. By that I mean it is not a guy sort of room. I do have a television, and a cd player, but other than that most everything in the room is more to a lady's taste.

I will start with the familiar...the overall photo of my room. I have just recently put in a new light fixture, replacing an unattractive overhead light. This room is difficult to shoot because of the lighting. But, I turned on the lights to see if that improved things. Improved....but more golden than it really is.

The sofa is a nubby cotton damask fabric with a waterfall back. I purchased it several years ago...and it survived being stored very well. I love white because I can swap out pillows for the seasons, and have completely different looks. December will see some red and holiday pillows on the sofa.

I thought long and hard before putting my matching mirrors over the sofa. I knew that I would need the help of hubby and son to accomplish this mission. They are heavy! I looked at pictures online and in magazines. I studied this mirror situation very seriously. I already had the mirrors from the former house and I was determined to use them somewhere in this house. They were over the bathroom vanities in the old house, but they are too tall for this new house. So, I had to rethink where I could use my mirrors. TaDa! Over the sofa! The mirrors add some visual depth to this small room. They reflect the items in the dining room.

The small wool oriental black rug has a multitude of colors...including various shades of dark red and dark rust. The orange velveteen pillows, I am not sure that they technically match the rug colors...but oh well, I love them in the room for a pop of summer color.

The butler's tray table was the first good furniture purchase we made after we were out of graduate school, and hubby had his first job. It is Ethan Allen cherry wood from circa 1975/76. It has held up very well, and I consider it a family piece by now. I hope my children keep it for sentimental reasons.

I am always changing the items on the coffee table. Right now it has too much to serve coffee or tea...but I play with tablescapes and have let this one stay like it is for a while. The pottery vase is new. I purchased it at a shop in a nearby town. The blue and white is newish...but everything else on the table has been part of my "stash" for some time.

To the right of the sofa and coffee table is a blockfront chest that we purchased when our kids were small. I have written in black marker inside the drawer that it was an anniversary gift. (Tip: Always take a sharpie and mark underneath, on the back, on inside the drawer some details about the piece. My mother and I do that to mark the origins of a family piece, or to date a piece we purchase.) I also love the solid brass handles on the drawers.  I have matching brass buffet lamps on each side of an arrangement that I purchased at an art festival in Shakertown, KY.(just south of Lexington.) Above the chest is an acrylic painting resembling a Monet. The small ornate frame is something I picked up somewhere in my travels. 

I think that a room design comes about not overnight, but rather as one collects and purchases things for birthdays, or anniversaries, or through one's travels. It is great to see a room that has been picked out in a few days for a makeover. In fact...I would probably say please, and thank you very much if someone converted my garage into a home office or media room and told me to come home when it was finished. WaHoo!  But since everything we have has evolved over a forty year marriage...I will just go with that method...Until someone offers me that opportunity to win a room. :-)

To the right of the chest is my wonderful cherry armoire made in Louisiana. We purchased it for a house we had in Hilton Head, but once we sold that house we had to try to divide up what we would keep and what we would sell or donate. There was no question that this armoire was coming back to Kentucky! I love it. I love the wood. I love that curved bonnet.

You can see that my armoire is not just a pretty face. It is quite functional and I do not know what I would do without it in my smaller home. It can be used as a clothing armoire, or entertainment center. I am using it for my small tv as well as storage for candles, platters, over sized bowls, etc.

It is not so pretty when the doors are open...but who cares? ha! At Christmas time I drape greenery and bows over the top of the armoire. It looks pretty then! And, I make sure to keep the doors tightly closed!

My plum floral chintz covered chairs have been with me for a while too. They will probably be slipcovered or changed sometime. I am tired of the floral...but until I find a fabric that I like...the plum floral will be with me. One good thing is that there are many colors in the fabric...so that is helpful.

To the left of the sofa is a tea table that I put in the corner. It is too pretty for the corner, but the corner was the only place it would go. I stacked a couple of prints on the wall to give some height. We have nine foot ceilings...so I try to take advantage of the height and stack prints when I can. Also, there is another print hung at the same height on the other side of the window. I am a little ocd about visual balance in a room. The reading lamp and cd player are just what I need when I want quiet time for reading or resting.

To the left of the corner with the tea table is my tilt top table. Notice the pie crust style edge.  Right now I have it down so that I can photograph my new vase. This spot is the best location for light in the room, and maybe the whole house. In the background you can see a matching plum wing back chair, with a large botanical over it.

The parlor/sitting room mirrors the dining room  which is across the entry hall.
You all have seen the dining room several times in my posts...but here is a chest that I recently moved into the dining room from the great room.

One last thing...about my new piece of pottery. This was a very thrifty treasure.
I love to buy things that I can just arrange flowers in with little fuss or effort...be they fresh or silk. It is possible to have so many different  arrangements with just one vase...and different flowers. 

Can you see the crackle in the finish?  This looks like an ironstone antique...but it is not. It's just a pretty vase/pot.

Trim the stems to the height that you want. You could use a frog or florist tape to help secure your stems. I just stick my stems in the vase and let the weight of each flower hold the others.

I just keep putting in new stems until I either run out of room or out of stems.

And here ends this quick little flower arranging tutorial. Just keep fixing the stems until you can step back and say...oh how pretty. Then put your arrangement where it brings you a smile each time you look at it!

I added my vase of flowers to the over crowded coffee table...but it makes me smile when I look at it with my other oranges and blues in the room. 
And after all...we should smile as many times a day as we can!

Thanks for visiting today!
I hope your day is wonderful.

                                                              Sheila                                              http://betweennapsontheporch.net/how-to-repair-a-large-hole-in-sheetrock

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

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